Gastronomía en Valencia: 6 Restaurantes veganos que tienes que visitar

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Gastronomy in Valencia: 6 vegan restaurants you have to visit

If you want to be part of the Valencian Cotown crew and be a Cotowner veggie, this post is perfect for you.

We bring you a list of the best vegan restaurants in Valencia.

Everyone knows that Valencia’s gastronomy is spectacular and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Little by little the city has been filling up with places with dishes based on vegetables, legumes and cereals, free of any kind of animal abuse, which cause a furore in everyone who tries them.

If you want to find out which restaurants we are talking about, stay and read this post!


Veganum ‘s gastronomic offer is 100% vegan. You won’t have to worry about reading the menu in detail in case you come across an ingredient that shouldn’t be there. At Veganum there is no cheating.

They have a super extensive menu inspired by American fast food, burgers, Nuggets, burritos… and, BEWARE! If you are gluten intolerant, they have also thought of you. Their desserts are 100% suitable for coeliacs. And as much as we all love a sweet treat, it’s nice not to leave swollen as balls, isn’t it? 😅

Their philosophy is based on teaching people that you can enjoy food without missing out on meat, and we couldn’t agree more.

That said, Veganum should be an obligatory stop. Stop by Carrer de Sueca or order from them – you’ll love it!


This restaurant couldn’t be better located in the heart of Ciutat Vella. Khambú stands out as one of the best-known vegan fast food restaurants in the city. Burgers with gluten-free bread, nachos, cakes and much more.

You will be fascinated by the huge variety of products to choose from, all of which are of the highest quality. In addition, they also have options for celiacs.

Fast, tasty and high quality, what more do you want? Of course, they don’t reserve a table, so you’ll have to try your luck and show up there praying for a seat or order from home.


Close to the Central Market is the Oslo restaurant, which serves both vegetarian and vegan food.

They have a very inexpensive menu that varies every day, but without a doubt, what this restaurant is best known for is its tapas and killer cocktails. If you like to eat a variety of food at a good price and finish with a good drink, Oslo is the place for you, my friend. We assure you.

As for the food, what we recommend the most are the gorgonzola, fig and walnut croquettes. If you eat them, you’ll end up dreaming about them because they’re so delicious 🤤.

Lo de Ponxe

At the end of the Botanical Gardens you can enjoy a wide variety of original, quality vegan food thanks to Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pinto. The name is quite peculiar, but it’s got its own vibe. 😂.

The restaurant is a bit noisy, but quite cosy and very cheap, the weekly menu is only 10€!

We leave you his insta,, in case you want to take a look at it and go to Kinto Pino.


Copenhaguen restaurant is located in the heart of the Ruzafa neighbourhood. It is a place that has mainly ovoacto-vegetarian and vegan dishes, always with options for coeliacs. Also, if you are concerned about the environment, you should know that their products are organic and handmade.

Their menú del día is delicious, and it’s only 11,90€. It’s a little more expensive than others on this list, but we promise you’ll love it. They also have a tasting menu for 20€ and 25€ with drink. The cauliflower popcorn and Gorgonzola croquettes are well worth a try. You can’t miss them, we say this for your own good.

What are you waiting for? Come on!!!

Guakame Street Food

If you fancy a different and peculiar place with varied and quality food, Guakame Street Food is the place for you.

It may be the most expensive option on this list, but the experience is worth it. In addition, you have the option of giving away different menus, individual or for two, for a very good price. Take a look at their website and enjoy their menu.

And this is the list of vegan restaurants in Valencia that you needed! There are many more, but these are not to be missed in your preferences.

Valencia’s gastronomy is of a different level and, as you can see, there’s not only paella, there’s much more. If you add to this the fact that you live in a great flat as well located as these restaurants… 😉. Seriously, the advantages of Cotown’s coliving flats are immense, you just have to pay us a visit and find out for yourself. The door is open to you.

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