Herramientas para ser más productivo teletrabajando


Tools for being more productive while teleworking

In the modern era, teleworking has become a common practice for many professionals. However, effectively managing remote work can be quite a challenge for the brave. But don't worry, the key to achieving maximum productivity lies in organization, the proper use of tools, and effective habits.

In this blog article, we will discuss different aspects to improve productivity in remote work, from useful tools to practical teleworking tips.

Productivity Tools:

  • Asana: This task management platform is ideal for maintaining organization both individually and in teams. With collaborative features and an efficient tagging system, Asana facilitates task assignment, progress tracking, and communication among colleagues.

  • EffiWork: If you need to better manage your time and increase productivity, EffiWork is your ally. With this tool, you can obtain objective information about your work and the use of applications on your computer. This will help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your workday.

  • Focusmate: Combating loneliness and distractions is crucial in teleworking, and with Focusmate, you can achieve it. This platform connects remote professionals to work together virtually . This platform encourages and increases productivity by providing a more focused working environment.

  • Toggl: To manage your time efficiently, Toggl is an ideal teleworking tool. With the time tracking feature, you can accurately record how much time you spend on each task. This allows you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your workflow.

  • Pocket: Avoid distractions and save interesting content for later with Pocket. This tool allows you to save articles and web resources to access them at a more suitable time without interrupting your workflow. It's essential for keeping your mind focused.

  • ProductivityOwl: To maintain focus and avoid online distractions, ProductivityOwl is your best ally. This Chrome extension allows you to block access to non-work-related websites during your work hours. This helps you maintain mental focus and productivity.

  • Trello: For effective project and task management, Trello offers a visual and collaborative solution. It's a system of lists, cards, and boards. You can organize and assign tasks, set deadlines, and keep the entire team informed about work progress or manage projects efficiently.

Tips for Optimal Productivity:

  1. Establishing a Routine: Maintaining a daily routine is essential to prepare your mind for work. Allocate specific times to start and finish your workday, and follow steps that help you make the transition from home to work effective.

  2. Defining a Schedule: Even though you work from anywhere in the world, it's important to establish clear boundaries between work and personal life. Set a defined work schedule and stick to it as much as possible to avoid burnout and exhaustion.

  3. Creating a Dedicated Workspace: Designate a specific area as your workspace. Keep this space tidy and free from distractions to maximize your concentration and productivity during work hours.

  4. Taking Regular Breaks: Sustainable productivity requires regular break periods. Schedule short breaks during your workday to recharge and maintain mental clarity; we recommend doing physical exercises.

In conclusion, improving productivity in teleworking requires a combination of effective tools, healthy habits, and a focused mindset. By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your performance and achieve your work goals more easily in the remote environment.