Cómo Vivir en Cataluña sin Hablar Catalán

Advice, Barcelona

How to Live in Catalonia without Speaking Catalan

If you're planning to move to Catalonia, but you don't speak Catalan yet, don't worry! With a bit of preparation and some strategies, you can feel right at home in this beautiful region. Below, we present a guide to help you survive and thrive in Catalonia, even if you don't know any Catalan:

  1. Learn Basic Expressions :

Get familiar with key Catalan expressions that will help you feel more chill and integrated. Words like “Mare de Déu” (Mother of God) or ‘Adéu‘ (Goodbye), “Merci” (Thank you), “Si us plau” (Please) are common and can be useful in various situations. There are many Catalan phrases you can learn poco a poc (little by little).

  1. Use English as a Resource :

Although Catalan is the reigning language in Catalonia, English can be a magical shield. Use it without fear, especially in urban areas like Barcelona. It's a useful resource when you need to communicate in shops, restaurants, and tourist spots.

  1. Practice Spanish :

If Spanish is one of your strengths, you're a lucky citizen! You can use Spanish in your everyday interactions, and you'll find that most people can communicate with you without any issues.

  1. Use Translation Apps and Online Resources:

This resource is very useful and portable on your mobile device for translating words and phrases from Catalan to English or Spanish. Apps like Google Translate, Duolingo, Softcatala can be especially helpful when you're about to throw in the towel.

  1. Take Advantage of Coliving Experience in Barcelona :

Consider staying in a shared flat, like a coliving space in Barcelona. These spaces not only provide accommodation and community but also offer you the opportunity to learn the language and local culture in a practical and fun way. At Cotown Barcelona, we have very cool spaces in the best locations like Corsèga 396.

  1. Be Open and Respectful :

Although it may be challenging to live in a place where you don't speak the main language, maintain an open and respectful attitude toward the culture and language. A smile always wins hearts. Local residents will appreciate your efforts to integrate and learn about Catalan culture.

Without a doubt, living in Catalonia without speaking Catalan is entirely possible with a little preparation and flexibility. With these strategies and resources at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to make the most of your experience anywhere in Catalonia.