Qué es un nómada digital


What is a digital nomad

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The digitalization has empowered many employees to choose where to work and to also have flexible working hours. Being a digital nomad is about combining remote work with adventure, seeking to always be on the move and live continuous experiences.

What is the life of a digital nomad like?

The nomadic life consists of living while traveling, avoiding staying in one place to prevent routine. A digital nomad only needs three essential elements: a computer, internet access, and a place to stay. This facilitates working from anywhere in the world.

Digital travelers make full use of digital tools. Tools that allow organizing work, maintaining contact with clients and colleagues at all times. This makes work more efficient, especially now that AI exists and is a game-changer.

Digitalization facilitates working on projects for foreign companies, regardless of the distance. This allows gaining work experience and expanding the network of contacts regularly according to one's own interests.

Being a digital nomad can be intriguing; it's a way of life that stimulates your wanderlust. However, it can be difficult to build stable relationships. Also, living while traveling involves adapting to new places of residence.

That's why a new concept called Coliving arises, to meet a new need:

What is Coliving? These are living spaces adapted for digital nomads. In these places, they feel understood and supported by people in a similar situation. This counteracts the feeling of loneliness.

If you want to delve into the concept, Why is coliving the lifestyle choice for young professionals and digital nomads?

residents in a coliving space

Nevertheless, for those who enjoy adventure and independence, being a digital nomad can make you feel like a real pro. The digital era has changed the way we work and live, providing the opportunity to explore the world without neglecting our professional future.

Types of digital nomads:

Digital Nomad on Company Payroll: Freedom with a Job Contract

Being a digital nomad on a company payroll offers the freedom to explore the world while maintaining a stable source of income. Many companies are adopting remote work forms, allowing employees to choose to work from anywhere in the world with a job contract.

Freelancer or self-employed worker

These are professionals who offer their services on platforms or work with their own clients. Some profiles include: web developers, consultants, graphic designers. They manage their own schedule and projects.

Digital Entrepreneur

These are people who have businesses on the internet. They can manage them from anywhere in the world. Some examples are online stores, courses, and digital services such as content creation for social media or maintaining their own website. These entrepreneurs take advantage of all opportunities to grow their business and establish contacts while traveling.

So, are you ready to be a digital nomad? At Cotown, we recommend starting with the most demanded jobs for freelancers and digital nomads, and soon, many more tips, stories, and places to stay to make you #feelinglocal