Fallas de Valencia 2024: el evento mas cañero del año


Valencia Fallas 2024: the most explosive event of the year

El evento mas cañero del año

Hello Cotwner! Did you know that one of Spain's most explosive and vibrant events is celebrated in Valencia? So you don't miss out on the details, let me explain a bit about its origin and give you a summary of the most important dates of Las Fallas 2024:

What are Las Fallas?

Las Fallas is a very traditional festival in Valencia, deeply rooted for a long time; it represents art, music, gunpowder, and community sharing. The most important dates are between the week of March 14th and March 19th.

Origin of Las Fallas

On the eve of Saint Joseph's Day, bonfires were lit to celebrate the holiday and perform a ritual called La Cremà. The popular version indicates that the real origin of this festival comes from the guild of carpenters who burned old junk in a purifying bonfire before spring begins. They burned the structures of the candleholders (parots), as the days are longer and they are no longer needed. These parots eventually took on human forms (Ninots) over time, giving rise to the Las Fallas that we know today.

Summary of the dates of Las Fallas in Valencia:

  • Ninot Exhibition

From February until March 14th, you can visit the Ninot Exhibition at the Museum of Sciences of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. Here you will find the best ninots from all the Fallas of Valencia that have been saved from the cremà.

  • Despertà and Macrodespertà

At the end of February, the city wakes up with the children's ‘Despertà‘, one of the plans in Valencia with children where they enjoy pyrotechnic material. The ‘Macrodespertà‘ shakes the streets of Paz and San Vicente Mártir. It ends in the Town Hall Square with a fireworks earthquake that will make your body and soul resonate. (This year it will be celebrated in early March, pending new dates).

  • Cridà 2024

On March 1st, the ‘Cridà‘ marks the official start of Las Fallas from the Serranos Towers. After this event, the city lights up with light and color effects.

  • Mascletàs and Fireworks Shows

Throughout March, the Town Hall Square is the epicenter of outdoor action. Here, the famous mascletàs are performed at 2:00 pm every day, where gunpowder explodes in a frenzy of sounds and lights.

  • Ninot Parade

On March 2nd, the ‘Ninot Parade‘ travels through the streets, showcasing ingenious floats and artistic pieces. The entry of the first pieces of the Municipal Falla ‘Dos Palomas. Una rama‘ closes this parade.

  • Cremà of the Fallas

Finally, on March 19th, Las Fallas reach their climax with the ‘Cremà‘. The fallero monuments burn in flames, creating an unforgettable spectacle.

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