Top 4 mejores barrios de Barcelona para nómadas digitales.

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Top 4 best neighbourhoods in Barcelona for digital nomads.

Greetings digital nomads!💻

We already know that nowadays, choosing a good Barcelona neighborhood without selling your kidney is mission impossible. And it’s even more complicated if you’re a digital nomad who wants to go sightseeing and work from your computer at the same time.

But… thank goodness we’re here to solve these little problems in life. In Cotown we will explain to you which are the best neighborhoods in Barcelona to dedicate yourself remotely to what you like the most and escape for a while to the best corners of Barcelona. In addition to offering you our options of great flats in these neighborhoods.

And all without costing you an arm and a leg. Get ready to discover…


This well-known neighborhood in Barcelona is one of the most central and important in the city. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to have everything close at hand. Cotown has flats with perfect locations for easy mobility around the city, with public transport links just a few meters from the apartment.

It has a perfect mix between modernity and culture, as it is located in the old town and in the most modern area of Barcelona. It is a fully equipped neighborhood.

In the famous Eixample there are unknown corners, so if you want to feel like one of the locals, it is essential that you take a good look at them.👀

One of these #feelinglocal places is the Jardines de la Torre de las Aguas. A great place to disconnect from work and investigate a bit of Barcelona‘s history. And while you’re at it… do a bit of mindfulness and cultivate your creativity.

For food-loving digital nomads, a little-known place is Alquimia Barcelona, a vintage bar with a Mediterranean touch. Just by stepping foot in it, you’ll feel like an authentic Barcelonian “tota la vida”.

Finally, to focus more on teleworking… as good digital nomads that you are, in Eixample we have many places and spaces for remote work. Like Coco Coffice, which, as its cool name says, is a café where coworking is lived. If one day you want a change of scenery to work, this is the place!🧋

Cotown loves this neighborhood, and we know you will love it too. That’s why we have the jewels in the crown in Carrer Nápols, Carrer Rocafort and Carrer Còrsega. Perfect flats for their location and their super equipment.👑


Les Corts is another super neighborhood in Barcelona that has practically everything a digital nomad like you needs.

That’s why you should know what this neighborhood has in store for you and why it’s perfect for coliving.

Although it is far away from the tourist bustle, which is often appreciated, it is very well-connected and has many means of transport. This area is known for its quiet and safe environment… But don’t think it’s boring!🎊

On the contrary, you’ll come across a very modern bar called Konbe bar, where you can enjoy the more futuristic side of Barcelona because it’s not all monuments from the year of the Tutankhamen.

If you like shopping, another place you can’t miss is L’illa Diagonal, a shopping center that has literally everything. If you’re bored one day and want to escape from your little friend with the laptop, this is the place for you. PS: if you have a sweet tooth, I recommend you buy the pancakes with any of their toppings.🧁

If you want to be a citizen of Les Corts, Cotown has a hidden treasure on Avenida Madrid, for a Barcelona-loving digital nomad. An ideal, fully equipped flat to make you feel very local and very Barcelona.


Firstly, welcome to uptown Barcelona!

Your friends at Cotown are not going to let you sell all your organs in order to have your coliving space in this charming neighborhood.🧠

Sarrià is in the upper part of Barcelona, in every possible way.💸But it’s a perfect place for digital nomads, and our crew will show you the best spots in this neighborhood.

The Sarrià viewpoint has a view that will make you feel like the king of Barcelona. It’s also an essential place to disconnect from the routine and clear that mind full of ideas.

After a stroll around the viewpoint, a visit to the Torre Bellesguard is a must on the list of essentials in this neighborhood. This is another work of art by the great Antoni Gaudí, so it’s never a bad idea to visit its architecture.

To fill your stomach, the typical bar in the area is “El Tomás”, ideal for savoring the best tapas in Barcelona. So get your little notebook ready to make a note of this bar, because you’ll want to eat there all the time.🍴

And well… if you’re a digital nomad and a lover of futurism and discovery, the CosmoCiaxa is the icing on the cake. This Science Museum will leave you open-mouthed when you see the extravagant and interesting things it has. Without a doubt, you will enter another world.

If you want to feel like a Barcelona local, Sarrià is a cool neighborhood to consider. Cotown is your coliving ally, because we have little golden corners in Muntaner and Consell de Cent. Both are very well-equipped and very close to public transport stations.


Welcome to the famous and mega hipster neighborhood of Gràcia, which will make you smile with all the places it has!

The Cotown crew knows what a bountiful neighborhood it is for all digital nomads. So we present you all the hidden spots in Gràcia to make you feel like a Barcelonian from head to toe.

First up, Cines Verdi, a super vintage cinema that’s a classic in this neighborhood. If you haven’t been to these cinemas, you’re basically not from Gràcia. If you want to clear your head and watch a good film, you know where to go, you’re welcome!📽

In second place, we have the beautiful Casa Vicens, commissioned by Gaudí for the construction of a private home. We already know what Gaudí was like, a great artist who knew no limits, so this colorful and different house will surprise you. A unique place that breaks the mold of the typical houses we know.🏡

Finally, for a bite to eat, we have Nomo, a restaurant that fuses delicious Spanish and Japanese food. If you’re a good digital nomad in Gràcia, you must try this super restaurant.

We love this neighborhood, that’s why Cotown has saved for you the diamond floor in Encarnación.💎


Which of these 4 neighborhoods would you choose for your coliving experience in Barcelona?🤔

No doubt you’ve already seen that these neighborhoods have a different but perfect charm for any digital nomad. We know that whatever your choice is, you’re going to love it!

Promise of the Cotown crew.🤞

See you in the next blog!