Las Mejores Plataformas de trabajo para Nómadas Digitales

Platforms for Digital Nomads

In the digital era, working from anywhere in the world is more than a possibility: it's a reality for many professionals. Remote work platforms are allies for carrying out independent jobs and earning money while exploring new destinations. Do you know which are the best platforms? Here at Cotown, we'll tell you:

Nomad List: Explore Destinations and Find Remote Work

Nomad List is one of the best platforms for digital nomads. It offers a comprehensive list of destinations around the world, along with detailed information about the cost of living, internet connectivity quality, and available job opportunities. Here, you can work while traveling thanks to its remote work options from anywhere.

Upwork: Work Flexibility and Global Opportunities

Upwork is known for offering flexible employment abroad. As a leading platform for freelance work, it connects freelancers with projects from around the world. It's an excellent choice for digital nomads seeking remote work and job opportunities regardless of language or location. You can opt for short-term or long-term work, whether it's just a few hours or a full-time project.

The commissions depend on the amount earned:

  • 20% for the first $500
  • 0% between $500.1 and $1000
  • 5% once you surpass $1000 Quality Remote Jobs in Various Industries stands out for offering high-quality remote jobs in diverse industries. If you're looking for online work and geographical freedom, this platform is perfect for you. It offers remote and flexible jobs ideal for digital nomads who value work flexibility.

Freelancer: Platform for Independent Professionals

Freelancer is a platform dedicated to connecting freelancers with projects worldwide. The mechanism of this platform operates based on client projects. Freelancers apply to projects by submitting proposals, and clients evaluate different profiles and decide which freelancer to work with. A freelancer can apply to 8 projects per month for free, and for each project, a 10% deduction is made from the total project value.


This platform functions as a portfolio. Freelancers offering their services must sell their work in the most attractive and professional way possible to attract potential clients. It's a common platform for various services such as programming, graphic design, digital marketing, 3D animation, among others. The commission on this platform is 20% for each service.

In Conclusion

Working as a digital nomad is more accessible than ever thanks to online platforms. Whether you prefer independent projects or long-term remote jobs, there's a platform waiting for you. Explore your options, join the remote work revolution, and make the world your office. If destinations like Barcelona, Valencia, or Madrid interest you, Cotown awaits you with coliving located in the best areas of the city.