Pantea Group, los nuevos partners de Cotown

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Pantea Group, the new partners of Cotown

Welcome to Cotown’s corner! 💙

Today, we have some exciting news 😎to share: we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Barcelona-based restaurant company Pantea Group. As part of this collaboration, Cotowners will be able to enjoy discounts at two of their restaurants: Anita Flow and Gozo.

Have you ever heard of this amazing group? Let us tell you more about it.

A little bit about Pantea Group

It’s a Barcelona-based restaurant group that has earned its good reputation thanks to the quality of its food and the entrepreneurial vision of its founder, Pantea Pishkoohani.

They started with a small location, and today they have several restaurants under their name. These offer Mediterranean, international, and high-quality vegetarian and vegan dishes that are sure to please any palate.

The quality of their food and exceptional service has made Pantea Group a well-known option for those looking to discover the top gastronomy that Barcelona has to offer.🥘

Anita Flow Restaurant, an international flavor

Located very close to one of our apartments, we find Anita Flow, a unique and trendy restaurant where you can meet up with your colleagues after work.

Located in the heart of Dreta de L’Eixample, this restaurant offers a unique experience with its dishes inspired by different parts of the world. 🌍

We encourage you to experience their afternoons with flow, dinners, and brunch and lunch to feel the #feelinglocal to the fullest.

Gozo, the revolution of delivery

Gozo allows you to enjoy all kinds of dishes without leaving your coliving thanks to their delivery service. 🛍

Prepared to challenge all kinds of tastes, Gozo offers everything from burgers to milanesas, passing through Mexico with their tacos and Italy with their pizzas. Oh! We can’t forget their oriental noodles and desirable desserts.

A perfect restaurant for lazy cravings, those that make you want to eat the best without moving an inch.

Are you up for trying them out?

Barcelona is world-renowned for its delicious gastronomy and vibrant and unique lifestyle. That’s why it’s not only important to enjoy the best coliving in the city, but also the best bites it has to offer.

At Cotown, we encourage you to try out these two restaurants and enjoy exclusive discounts as a Cotowner.🤗

Take the opportunity to discover the most authentic and exciting flavors of the city!