Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024:  El mejor evento para Nómadas Digitales

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024: The best event for Digital Nomads.

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What is the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is one of the coolest and most relevant events in the world of mobile technology. Every year, thousands of professionals, including digital nomads like you, pioneering companies, and technology enthusiasts gather in Barcelona to explore the latest innovations, trends, and opportunities in the field of mobile telephony and connected technology.


But this mobile congress hasn't always been held in our wonderful Barcelona. Life takes many twists and turns, and this event has had its fair share before settling in Barna.

Origin of the MWC

The first trace of this event was in 1987 in Brussels, at a conference called ‘Pan Europe Digital Cellular Radio,‘ but it wasn't really a congress. In Rome, it began to take shape more as we know it today under the name ‘GMS World Congress.‘ Over the years, it was held in different cities like Berlin, Athens, Nice, Lisbon, and even Madrid in 1995. A year later, it was held in Cannes, and it stayed there for 10 years! In Cannes, attendance grew, but not enough, as the venue was too small.

In 2006, cities like Paris and Milan applied to host the event, but luckily, Barcelona was chosen. It was no mistake; it broke attendance records at the first event with 40,000 attendees.

Since 2005, the Mobile World Congress has been held in Barcelona, and since 2013, it has been at the Fira de Barcelona, where the location, capacity, and views of Plaza España are a plus for all attendees and event organizers.

When is the Mobile World Congress 2024?

This year, the Mobile World Congress 2024 will be held from February 26th to 29th, with an expected attendance of 95,000 people, with relevant topics such as 5G, the metaverse, and artificial intelligence.

How does the MWC influence digital nomads

The impact of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona goes beyond the business and technology world; it directly influences the growth of digital nomads in Spain .

These adventurous professionals, who take advantage of technology to work remotely and travel the world, find events like the MWC an excellent opportunity to connect with other experts, discover new tools, trends, and establish strategic contacts.

The Mobile World Congress Barcelona provides a space for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for digital nomads seeking new business opportunities. Additionally, Barcelona is a perfect destination for digital nomads due to its pleasant climate year-round, the quality of its culture, and its leisure events.

Thanks to the mobile connectivity and amazing technological solutions presented at the congress, digital nomads can improve their productivity, optimize their lifestyle, and explore new ways of working and collaborating.

Therefore, the Mobile World Congress Barcelona acts as a catalyst for the growth of this modern, dynamic lifestyle, where innovation and digital transformation drive many areas of society.

For digital nomads planning to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, finding suitable accommodation in the city center can take the experience to the next level.

Where can I stay?

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