Los eventos más interesantes de Valencia en primavera

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Hello again to the Cotown corner!💙

Ready to discover the most interesting events in Valencia this spring?

If you are an intrepid digital nomad or a young professional lover of Valencia, this is your blog because Cotown has the best flats for you.

We show you the best events in the city, accompanied by good weather. And so you can enjoy your coliving experience in Valencia to the fullest!


The name is a bit of a joke, but we can assure you that this festival is priceless. For any digital nomad or young professional, this festival is perfect.

It takes place in the middle of spring, so if you’re allergic, we recommend some good tissues! It’s from the 5th to the 15th of May and if you like theatre🎭,dance and live music, you can’t miss it.

What’s more, this year they’re going to show off, but well, as they have a more extensive and varied program than ever before. From folk music to international music, from break-dance to Valencian jotas.

We’re sure you’ll find something you like and that suits you perfectly! This festival is a sure bet to live your best coliving experience in Valencia.


Although they have a very similar name to the previous festival, this one takes place in a unique and very recognizable place in Valencia. For this festival, it is super necessary to have a central flat in Valencia, that’s why Cotown is perfect for you.

If you don’t visit this great event in your coliving experience, it could be considered a full-fledged crime. This great event will take place on the 3rd and 4th of June, where we are still in spring and the Valencian summer sun is coming🎨.

This year the Festival de les Arts is coming on strong. Just reading the line-up is going to blow your mind, with artists such as Izal, Two Door Cinema Club, Vetusta Morla and The Vaccines, among many others.

It’s a real blast!


For all you digital nomads and young entrepreneurs who love coliving, Valencia and street art, this is the festival for you.

It takes place from the 6th to the 9th of April in the artistic Valencian neighbourhood of Benimcalet. There you can see all kinds of urban artists and some of the best in the world.

You’ll be able to watch these street-flow artists show off their skills in action, and who knows, you might even get the chance to make your own work of art!

It’s a perfect moment for digital nomads and young professionals like you who want to show off your art and creativity.👀

If you want to live this festival and coliving experience, Cotown is the place for you!


If you’re into coliving, Cotown helps you find your perfect flat. And if you work remotely, you want to go to Valencia and above all, you have Otaku blood, this is your festival.

In this Japanese festival you will not only see beautiful sakura trees in bloom, you will also enjoy cosplays, contests, workshops, and lots of Japanese pop culture.

If you love anime and manga, this is the place for you. All good professionals have quirky and cool hobbies🕹

On the 13th and 14th of May, dress up as your favourite character and don’t miss this cool experience that you will live with Cotown in the best coliving in Valencia!


Which of these will you go to during your coliving in Valencia with Cotown?

These are just some great Valencian events on the coliving experience list, but there are many more😜

So, if you want to live a unique experience and discover all that Valencia has to offer, which is not little! Don’t hesitate and come and enjoy the sun, the beach, the good paella and the coolest events.

Cotown is waiting for you in Valencia with open arms, with fully equipped apartments prepared for the best coliving experience.