How to freelance and live in Barcelona

Cómo ser freelance y vivir en Barcelona
Work from the beach, drinking a mojito in the sun while listening to samba. Get up, throw on a t-shirt and be ready for the most important meeting of your life. Choose whether or not you want to work and when, because life is also about enjoying and having a few beers with friends. How? By freelancing. Ah, beloved freelancer, the world is full of opportunities for people like you. Well, for others too but you can’t deny that freelancing gives you freedom that’s hard to get with other sorts of jobs. And look, living in Barcelona for a while on a whim, because you fancy it, just because you want to, is one of those advantages. Still not sure? Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to become a freelancer and why Barcelona is a perfect place to work. ## Becoming a freelancer Going freelance is easier than it seems! Getting started isn’t a walk in the park. It never is. But it isn’t as complicated as you might think. To make your path to the top as fast and direct as possible, here are some tips that will help you reach your goals sooner rather than later. - **Narrow down your services** Seems silly, right? Well, it’s sooo IMPORTANT! Sometimes in trying to offer everything and adapt to everything we end up working all hours of the day and it’s not profitable. So, it’s best to clearly define what you’re going to do and how much you’re going to charge for your services. Take aaall the time you need, but seriously, narrow it right down! - **Have an online presence** As I’m sure you already know because you’re reading this article, today most searches for shoes, cat memes, specialised professionals and practically anything else are done online. That’s why it’s so important for you to be there somewhere! The best thing is to have a pretty website that is well put together and reflects what you do and who you are. The perfect way to convince people to hire you. Social media is cool too if you think your potential clients are there. LinkedIn, for instance, tends to be quite effective because it doesn’t only help others see you but also lets you contact companies and offer them your services. - **Contact and get them to contact you** So, in addition to LinkedIn, you can also register on other sites like Fiverr, Domestik and Soy Freelancer, where you can find people looking for professionals or post your own job offers. You can make a list of companies you’d like to work with and send them an email offering your services. And, naturally, tell everyone you’re freelancing now. You never know where work might come from! ## Freelancing in Barcelona You’re a freelancer, now what? Take advantage and discover the world! ✈️ London, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Bali… Truth is there are lots of incredible spots but today we’re talking about why Barcelona is the perfect place for freelancing. - **Sun and sea** Hitting the beach before, during or after work. Can you really say no to that? Bit of sun here, an ice cream over there. Anyone’s dream. - **Beer? Where?** Bars and more bars, restaurants and more restaurants. Of every style, size, shape, colour, smell and speciality. So whatever your thing is, you’ll find it in Barcelona. You won’t get bored! - **Socialising? Not a problem** It’s EASY to make friends in Barcelona. This city is home to locals and people from all over the world, and they’re all used to meeting new people. Spending Saturday night at home? Only if you want to. And in Cotown this will be even easier since you will be able to live in a coliving apartment and meet people from all over the world. - **Opportunities** Okay now. Time to get serious. On top of all of that, Barcelona also offers limitless opportunities, as there are lots of companies that surely need your services. You’ll have the chance to reach more clients, and even meet them in person. So? Are you going to come live the good life freelancing in Barcelona? At Cotown we have the BEST flats in spectacular areas and you don’t have to commit to them for an eternity. We know sometimes you just need somewhere to stay for a while, and we understand. Check out the flats we have available. You’re going to love them.