¿Cuánto dinero se necesita para vivir en Barcelona?

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How much money does it take to live in Barcelona?

If you’ve ever told someone that you’d love to live in Barcelona, you’ve probably heard the typical question: “but isn’t it expensive to live there? Yes, it’s true that BCN has a reputation for being a city with high prices, especially if you want to live in a good area, but do you really know how much it costs to live in Barcelona? And do you know the housing options so you can enjoy this city without worries?

As in Cotown we don’t want to see you give up your dreams because you think it’s impossible to live there, we will tell you what the cost of living in that city and we is offer you a solution from us so you can move there as soon as possible.

The cost of living in Barcelona

It is true that to say a fixed value to define what it costs to live in Barcelona is complex. Each person has a different way of living and the main factor to delimit the monthly expenses that you will have in any city is in yourself: what is your budget, where you want to live, what whims you want to give yourself… But of course, here in Cotown we will not leave you without answers and we will tell you the main expenses, those that you can’t run away from, so you can adapt them to your reality.

Food  Let’s start with the one thing you’ll probably enjoy a lot in Barcelona: food. Your average monthly food expenses will be between 200 and 400 euros. But of course, as we don’t know how much food you need to have in your stomach, here are some prices as a reference:

  • Menu of the day with drink in the expensive part of town: 17€.
  • Chicken breast: 7,64 €/kg
  • Milk: 0,96 €/kg
  • Eggs: 2,61 €/dinner
  • National cheese: 11,86 €/kg
  • Potatoes: 1,79 €/kg
  • Bread: 0,83 €/kg

These prices, of course, vary depending on the supermarket or restaurant you go to, so it is essential that you know the cheapest places to enjoy Catalan gastronomy at the best price! In this, the OCU (Organisation of Consumers and Users) helps you with a list of the cheapest supermarkets in the last year, take note so you don’t stop saving!


Although it is a big city, in Barcelona you only need comfortable shoes and spirit to get from one place to another, you’ll always find something new to see and you’ll never get bored walking through its streets.

It is also true that living in an area with easy access to services and leisure activities will help you save money. Here at Cotown we offer you flats in the best areas of the city, so you don’t need to depend on transport and you can take advantage of all that Barcelona has to offer.

Buuuut, of course, if you’re more of a transport person, there are also solutions for you: Barcelona’s public transport is known for being very good and cheap, but it’s important that you choose the right season ticket. To get around the city, a Zone 1 ticket would be enough.


Last but not least, the most controversial but also the most important issue: having a roof over your head. The issue of renting a flat or a room is always complex because it involves other expenses in addition to the monthly payment, such as: community fees, insurance against non-payment of rent, internet, water, electricity, furniture… in short, everything you need to live.

The rent of a flat in the city can vary from 700 to 1500 € (or more) without counting the costs of electricity, water, internet and cleaning, which can add more than 150 € per month to your rent.

And that is why many people say that it is impossible to live in Barcelona, but don’t worry because Cotown offers you rooms that are located in the best areas of the city and start from 500 € per month with all expenses included. Here you can live in a great flat in the best areas of Barcelona without having to worry about anything! Choose yours and enjoy the experience of living in one of the best cities in Spain.