¿Cómo funciona un coliving en Bilbao?


How does a coliving in Bilbao work?

Aupa Cotowner!

Surely you already know the advantages of living in a coliving (and if you don’t, you are missing our posts, eh?). Anyway, do you know how a coliving works in the capital of Biscay? At Cotown we are here to inform you!

If you are thinking about living in Bilbao for a while to try the best pintxos and take a chance with the Basque language, we tell you everything you need to know to convince you to become a coliver and enjoy the most #FeelingLocal of this city.

Let’s go!

Vive en las mejores zonas de Bilbao

We know the excitement you feel when moving to a new city, but deciding on the area you will live in, in a place you don’t know at all, is a big challenge to face. That’s why we’re here, Cotowner 😉.

One of the great things about this city is that it’s the perfect size. You’re going to find everything close at hand without having to move around too much. So, whether it’s in the old town, Deusto or San Ignacio, you’ll live in a great place.

However, as all that glitters is not gold, it is a reality that Bilbao is not famous for being a city with cheap rents, which makes many people despair. We know this won’t be the case for you, Cotowner, as we have news for 2024:

In January 2024 we open coliving in Bilbao !!!!

Yes, yes, you can cheer up. With a coliving you won’t need to worry about finding the best conditions, we will do it for you!

You will be able to have a room in the coolest and most accessible places in the city, without having to worry about real estate, landlords or looking for mates who want an experience as #FeelingLocal as you do.

Don’t worry about contracting the services for your home

This is another of the advantages of choosing a coliving in Bilbao: with Cotown you will not need to worry about any utility costs, as our rent includes everything, nor about contracting them.

Yes, you will have internet to work from your new little house and you won’t even have to worry about contracting it, we will take care of the uncomfortable part. 😜

Discover the best of the city

Living, working, meeting new people and cultures all in the same space, yes, it is possible. When you enter a coliving you have everything at your fingertips: a complete and sustainable home, spaces to work in peace and quiet and great mates to go out for a beer or watch a movie with on a cloudy day.

Cotown goes one step further: we’ll also help you live like a local and find the best cafés, restaurants, and parties in the city. We want you to feel like you’re really at home.

Move wherever you want

Car? What for?

Getting around Bilbao is easy and from your coliving you can do everything on foot, but if you are worried about what you are going to do on rainy days, stop: in this city you will not only have bus as an option, but also: metro, tram, boat, bicycle and suburban trains. The best thing is that with the Barik Card you can access all available public transport for a reduced price and you don’t have to carry cash on hand.

After that, a car doesn’t seem necessary, does it?

Well, if that hasn’t convinced you yet, you’re sure to be won over by the cuisine, architecture and music of this city that’s ideal for digital nomads. Just stay tuned to our news, because we will soon update you with the address of your new home in the Basque Country.