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Discover authentic Barcelona

Discover authentic Barcelona with Cotown: your unique coliving experience

Let me tell you a secret. Cotown is your golden ticket to the Barcelona of those in the know, those who hold the map to corners not featured on postcards. Imagine living in a cool apartment where you can flop on the couch and chat with someone who was in Australia yesterday and is off to Madrid tomorrow. That's coliving.

Live the urban adventure in our shared apartments

Barcelona doesn't end with travel guides; it begins there. At Cotown, we launch you into an experience where you'll be part of the city, not just a spectator. The new lifestyle to immerse yourself in local life and discover corners not even Google knows about.

Our spaces are as Barcelona as a “butifarra” sandwich at a Barça match. And hey, who needs a tour bus when you can follow our recommendations? With Cotown, you'll fit into the neighborhood as if you've lived here your whole life. We'll tell you where those basement gigs are that even Google Maps can't find, pass you the contact for that vinyl store that's more hidden than an Arguiñano recipe, and point you to shortcuts to the neighborhood party where the only tourist will be you (but incognito).

Coliving at Cotown: connect, explore, live
Feel like a local in spaces designed for you to dive into the community from day one. Plus, you're not alone here. You'll have roomies, the kind who carry their office in a backpack and can design a website while in their pajamas. Here you'll be surrounded by creative professionals and entrepreneurs who, like you, seek inspiration at every corner. Our accommodations are the meeting point for those who want to explore the city and create unforgettable memories.

Coliving is more than renting a room; it's about sharing stories with digital nomads, learning a couple of Catalan phrases while enjoying a craft beer on a terrace.

Shared apartments in the heart of Barcelona Living at the epicenter of everything is possible. We invite you to live unique experiences: markets that are an explosion of local flavors, bookstores where each shelf tells a story, and sunsets from lookouts that are hidden jewels in the city.

Join Cotown and experience Barcelona to the fullest If what you want is to live without missing a single detail of the authentic, if you're looking to put down roots faster than a cactus in the desert, Cotown is your place. Let us show you the real Barcelona, the one that makes you feel more at home than in your pajamas. Sign up and live like a local, not like a tourist with a map and camera! We turn you into a local, not a tourist.

Book your space now and start living the city of your dreams!