What is the difference between coliving and flat sharing?

Cuál es la diferencia entre coliving y piso compartido?

Happy New Year, Cotowner! 🎉🎉🎉

We hope you had a great time this holiday season and that you have disconnected from work. Even if it was just a little, but a little.

Now it’s time to get back to reality, lose those kilos (or not) that we have picked up with the long meals and get back to productivity, because the month’s expenses do not pay for themselves, unfortunately😅.

New year, new life, right? Maybe you feel like a change of scenery and start the year working in another city, but we can help you with that.

Don’t know which type of flat is the best option to rest and work at the same time? In this post we tell you the main differences between a coliving flat and sharing a flat. We assure you that, by the time you finish reading this post, all your doubts will have been solved 🙏.

Here we go!

5 Main differences between coliving and flat-sharing

The location of housing

If you want to have your flat in the best neighbourhoods and areas of the city, with the greatest possible security and accessibility, coliving is what you need. Forget about shared rented flats far from the hand of God and with poor public transport connections.

You can’t deny that having a good location is a plus. Also, think that if the flat is well located, you’ll probably save a few bucks on travel costs, because it will be easier to get to places on foot because of the proximity.

You can’t deny that having a good location is a plus. Also, if the flat is in a good location, you will probably save a few bucks on travel costs, because it will be easier to get to places on foot because of the proximity.

Decoration and size of the flat

There is no doubt that the difference in decor and size between a shared flat and a coliving flat is extremely significant.

You should bear in mind that, in general, rented flats tend to be old flats with a decoration that is at least 15th century, and the layout of the rooms may be a little strange to what you can find in more modern flats. You have to understand, those were different times… 🤣

On the other hand, co-living flats are completely new and modern, with a more functional decoration and layout. In addition, although there are coliving flats with shared bathrooms, in most of them you have the possibility to choose a private room and bathroom, unlike in a shared flat, which are usually used by all the flatmates and you never know what you might find when you have to go to the toilet.

In a coliving the only thing you share are the common areas, which will depend on the building. In Cotown you share the living room and kitchen with all your roommates. But more on this later – read on!

Control of monthly expenditure

How many times have you been frightened when you received a bill with an amount you didn’t expect… well, dear partner, you won’t have that problem again if you choose the coliving option.

In Cotown you pay for rent and utilities separately, but you will always know what you are going to pay, without any last minute surprises that will make you lose your breath, so you won’t have to suffer every time you go to open a letter from the bank or anything like that.

Flexibility in contracts

As a good digital nomad you are probably on the move every 2 x 3 days, and I’m sure you’ve come across flats that ask you to stay for too long and you’re not interested at all. Well, we have to tell you that we can also solve this problem for you. 😉.

Renting in a coliving is much more flexible, and you don’t have to provide as much documentation as in a shared flat. Forget about hundreds of requirements to fulfil, excessive deposits or having to provide guarantees… Coliving makes your life much easier and hassle-free.

Services added in a coliving

The chaos of having roommates in the flat who dirty and don’t clean is over, in a coliving the cleaning service is included in the price. Yes, yes, as you read… clean room and flat with zero effort and at a more than economic price. And yes, don’t worry about the WI-FI, we know that without it you can’t live or work (literally) and we don’t like to torture our mates.

In a coliving everything is an advantage.

In Cotown we have coliving flats in the best areas of Barcelona, Valencia and soon in Bilbao, with a good atmosphere between Cotowners that you will be amazed. The rooms are very cosy and perfect for working or resting and, you know, when you get bored of your four walls you can go to the living room and gossip with the rest. 😉.

Judge for yourself and take a look at the Cotown locations.

We know that new beginnings can sometimes be a bit tricky, so we’ll help you with anything you need, to answer any questions you may have. Transport, places to visit, restaurants, plans… whatever you need, whenever you need it.

So now you know, if Barcelona, Valencia or Bilbao are among your options as a digital nomad, don’t think twice and contact us!

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