5 razones por las que Barcelona es ideal para los jóvenes profesionales

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5 reasons why Barcelona is ideal for young professionals

¿Why Barcelona is the ideal place for young professionals who want to find the perfect city for coliving? Not for nothing, but Cotown has mega flats in these neighborhoods that you will love.

Barcelona is a metropolis with millions of possibilities, and one of them is good coliving. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves… here are 5 reasons that will surprise you.👌


Reason number 1: There are people from all over the world here. That’s why this city is multicultural and offers unique experiences.

Barcelona is a super cosmopolitan city, and we assure you that it attracts young talents from all over the world. From Americans to Australians, when we say everywhere, we’re not kidding!🌍

This means that, for a young professional like you, there will be millions of possibilities to meet people from different cultures and establish contacts with professionals from all over the world. We know how important networking is!

Just by reading this, you can see how enriching this city is, there is an opportunity in every corner.


Barcelona is a city that always has an agenda full of events…and no wonder. Cotown is ideal, because it allows you to have a good coliving experience while enjoying these events full of opportunities.

As we have already said, this city is a diamond in the rough for young professionals who want to take off towards their goals.

Some of the most indispensable events to put on your super-professional list are…

Job Fair Barcelona This event is dedicated to finding your ideal job according to your skills and attitudes. So now you know Cotowner, give it a go and show what you are worth.😉

At Cotown we make sure you have your best coliving experience and this event is in charge of finding the best job for you. Plus, if you’re multilingual, it’s the perfect place.

This super event takes place in mid-March and the entrance is totally free. Total free!

Smart City Expo World Congress This sophisticated name in English shows just how international and powerful Barcelona is.

This event is a gem for anyone who is interested in the latest in technology and the business world. Cotown offers some great centrally located apartments that you will love and close to this event, so you can’t miss it.

If you are a great thinker and have a super project or idea in mind, this is the place for you. This event brings together great companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

You’re welcome for showing you this great opportunity. By the way, this event takes place in November.

Retail Brand Experience Yes, another great event for young professionals like you.👩‍💻🧑‍💻

An event where the latest market trends are presented by great professionals. What a level Barcelona has!

In addition, you will be able to show your skills as a young entrepreneur and captivate a prestigious company from any industry. Here, if you don’t risk, you don’t win.

You will be able to show your talents in November without missing out on a top-notch coliving experience with Cotown.


In Cotown we have some flats with public transport stations just a few meters away from the flat.

As a city, we don’t need to say much about the location that Barcelona has… In Cotown we know the advantages that this super metropolis has. That’s why we have centrally located flats, super equipped and ideal for any young professionals. Everything to make you feel like a citizen.

It is a city accessible from anywhere in the world, yes, you can be from Mexico or Honolulu🌺, you can come to Barcelona.

Speaking of Honolulu… our climate has nothing to envy to that of Hawaii. Barcelona is a Mediterranean city, which means that the climate is mild all year round. You won’t roast in summer and you won’t freeze in winter – you’ll be in luxury! Not to brag, but the sun here is our friend.


It’s not just a lifestyle… it’s a super lifestyle! It never stops here, and Barcelona is perfect for young professionals who are looking for movement in their lives. Cotown awaits you with our fully equipped flats so that you can adapt to the rhythm of Barcelona in no time and feel like a 100% local citizen.

But we also have a chill and friendly vibe, so it is also perfect for coliving. Naps and coffees are also part of our culture, so you need to replenish those entrepreneurial forces!

Barcelona is also famous for its film art and music. From deep flamenco to crazy techno. If you are more Caribbean, we also have reggaeton and bachata.

Here you will hear literally everything, feel free.👐

If you are a young entrepreneur looking for a creative lifestyle and a good vibe, Barcelona is the city for you.


Last but not least… food. Who doesn’t like to eat well wherever they go!

Well, to continue with your super projects, you need to recharge your batteries and Barcelona‘s gastronomy is ideal. Cotown knows its importance, that’s why we have the coliving flats well-prepared to be close to the best bars and restaurants in the city.

If you want to enjoy a coliving experience here, you won’t be short of good food, we have a restaurant/bar on every corner and at affordable prices. Yes, there are good, nice and cheap bars that won’t cost you half a salary🥘🍷

We are well known for our good tapas, seafood and of course a glass of wine, we know you will delight your palate with a unique gastronomic experience.