5 planes para Sant Jordi en Barcelona

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5 plans for Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Hello again, Cotowners!💙

Spring and April have arrived, and in Barcelona, that means the highly anticipated Sant Jordi day is approaching.

If you haven’t heard of this celebration or don’t know what it’s about, don’t worry, we’re here to explain it 👩‍🏫 to you.

And of course, we’ll give you the best plans to have a great time with your coliving mates.

What is Sant Jordi?

In Barcelona and throughout Catalonia, it’s celebrated every April 23 to honor Sant Jordi, the patron saint of the region, and also to celebrate International Book Day.

By the way, the legend of this patron/savior knight involves a princess, a hungry dragon 🐉, and a rose 🌹… we won’t say more.

The streets of our beloved Barcelona are filled with book and rose stalls, and people exchange these gifts as a symbol of love and friendship. So, on that day, it’s time to give and receive gifts.

It’s a very lively and colorful celebration that you can’t miss. If you want to live coliving in Barcelona to the fullest and feel like a local, don’t hesitate to join this party!

Here are the 5 plans we recommend for Sant Jordi day.

A mandatory stroll through Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya, and Casa Batlló with your coliving mates.

We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s mandatory 🧐. If you want to feel like a true citizen of Barcelona, it would be a sin not to visit these places on April 23.

Encourage your apartment mates to visit the famous rose and book stalls on Las Ramblas. Take the opportunity to get lost in the corners of the Gothic Quarter and come across unique and very cool shops. Moreover, all of our apartments have a perfect 👌 location to reach the city center in no time.

Cross Plaça Catalunya and reach the famous Casa Batlló. On Sant Jordi day, this impressive building has its balconies covered in roses. Trust us, it’s worth seeing, and it’s perfect for taking pictures.

Travel back in time and experience the legend of Sant Jordi in the town of Montblanc.

If you want to experience this day not only in Barcelona but also in other towns in Catalonia, this is the perfect plan for you.

We know our apartments are luxurious, but on Sant Jordi day, you have to plan outings without excuses. Take the road to Conca de Barberà with your coliving mates and immerse yourself in this legend.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the Camelot⚔ movie because everything is decorated in medieval style. When we say we have amazing plans, we mean it!

You’ll experience streets that recreate the Middle Ages, you can book epic activities, witness the famous correfocs, and see the legend of the dragon live and in person.

So, Cotowner, put it on your list because you’re going to love it. Oh, by the way, this event lasts for a week, in case you want to go again.

Visit museums and buildings completely for free.

Yes, as we said, this day always comes loaded with gifts. And in Sant Jordi, you’ll feel like a lucky citizen, and rightly so. You’ll be able to enter many emblematic museums and buildings for FREE.🤑

At Cotown, we have those places well noted, and we’re going to share them with you so that you can have the best coliving experience you could have in Barcelona.

1. Sant Pau modernist complex During this very Barcelona day, the complex is filled with cultural activities, such as book stalls, author signings, music🎼 , and dance shows.

Everything is done and, on top of that, without paying the entrance fee, but we recommend that you reserve a few days in advance.

In addition, this modernist complex is considered one of the top and most impressive examples of Catalan modernism. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy its architectural beauty while celebrating the holiday with your friends.

2. Catalan Archaeology Museum All kinds of activities are carried out in this well-known museum in Barcelona for all ages. If you’re a history or book geek, this is your place.🤓

It’s an ideal plan to spend the day and discover Catalan culture with your coliving companions. In addition, at this museum, you’ll discover how ancient civilizations lived. This holiday is all about traveling to the past.

3. Ateneu Barcelonès In addition to all the workshops you’ll find at the Ateneu on Sant Jordi‘s Day, you can also find theatrical performances and art exhibitions. No matter if you’re into drama or action, there are works for all tastes and colors.

The Ateneu Barcelonès is an emblematic place and has an important library and historical archive, which can also be visited during April 23. This library is possibly larger than that of Gryffindor. 🪄

Follow the map of the 900 places in Barcelona that have inspired authors.

Another fairy tale plan is the Barcelona Literary Route. What does it consist of? Well, we’ll explain it to you, because we’re sure you’ll love it. This is a map with the 900 places🔍 in Barcelona that have inspired great authors. If you’re a literature lover, you’re sure to recognize these places from some story you’ve read.

The idea of this map is that anyone visiting the city can go through the places that have inspired different writers and get to know Barcelona from another perspective, fully immersing themselves in books. In addition, it also includes information on the literary works that mention each of the places, as well as details about the authors.

Many of these points are high-end shops and restaurants. So, if you want to try any of these places, you’ll do it in a historical way.

Rumba catalana, roses and cocktails.

If you want some action and to experience the essence of Barcelona on a holiday, it’s a must to explore the city’s bars.

At Cotown, we know how to have a good time, so we’ve saved the best bars🍷 for Sant Jordi for last. Pay attention because we present to you…

1. Bar Sol de Nit This iconic bar is located in Plaça del Sol🌞, in Gràcia, where there are always shows of all kinds. You’ll hear everything from street music to live concerts at all hours. If there’s always a party, imagine how it is on Sant Jordi. We assure you that if you want to enjoy the day to the fullest, going to this bar is 100% necessary. And not only for the tapas and terrace, but for the atmosphere that you’ll find on such a beloved day by the people of Barcelona.

So, encourage your coliving buddies to try out this gem of the city.

2. Quillo Bar If you’re into dancing, partying, and… especially rumba💃🏻, you have to check out this bar on Sant Jordi. And, this restaurant inspired by the south of Spain has the best shows of the well-known and lively rumba catalana 👏🏻, with artists who will play and dance live music.

Located in the heart of the Ribera neighborhood, in El Born, this place won’t disappoint you in either entertainment or taste. Enjoying such a typical and special dance in Catalonia is a fantastic plan, and even more so if it’s in the center of the city, where April 23rd has a different vibe.

Plus, for Sant Jordi, they’ll treat you to a rebujito!🍸

At Cotown, you’ll live Sant Jordi in a big way.

So, cotowner, if you’re looking for the best way to experience Sant Jordi in Barcelona, these are some amazing plans that you can’t miss.

Out of all the ones we’ve told you about, which plan are you most excited about?😏

From visiting medieval towns to enjoying free activities… Barcelona has everything for an awesome coliving experience!