5 ventajas de vivir en un coliving

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5 advantages of living in a coliving

Hello, Cotowner 👋. Here we are one more day telling you about our life. We do it for you, to help you solve your doubts and inform you about cool stuff. How cool are we, eh?

Today we want to tell you about the advantages and benefits of living in a coliving, that is, living in Cotown, which we suppose you already know, but just in case you had missed it.

Cotown is coliving. Coliving is Cotown.

In the post “Coliving: What is it?” (add link to last month’s post) we told you about the most essential aspects of coliving. Haven’t you seen it yet? What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy it.

Coliving is totally booming. It is becoming more and more common to see how people are joining this way of sharing housing, especially in cities where rent can be especially expensive in certain areas, such as Madrid or Barcelona.

At Cotown we don’t like to beat around the bush, so we’ll tell you from the start that the advantages and benefits of co-housing are immense, and that’s why we’re going to summarise the ones we think are most interesting.

Come on, let’s get to it!

You save money on a good location.

Imagine living in the centre of Barcelona or Valencia. Surely you see it impossible because of the exorbitant prices and you are one of those who think that a good rental price cannot go hand in hand with living in the best areas of the city.

Well, dear friend, we are sorry to tell you that you are wrong, hehehe.

Cotown’s coliving flats give you the possibility to live in the most central neighbourhoods of Barcelona and Valencia. Don’t you believe us? Check it out for yourself and go to our website to see the available flats and check their prices.

You’re really going to be amazed.

Good, nice and cheap, they’ll take them off our hands!

Good internet connection

The coliving flats have a good internet connections. You will no longer have to get annoyed on the phone talking to machines, while waiting for an operator to listen to you and solve a thousand and one problems.

Most of the people living in coliving are **students or digital nomads, so Internet access is one of the key features of coliving. You can forget about connection failures and having to share your mobile data or go to a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.


Besides, just to stop saying “I want to talk to an operator” is worth it, isn’t it? 😂

Helping the environment

And how much the planet needs that help.

By living in coliving you share resources and space, which greatly reduces energy consumption and your carbon footprint. In addition, being located in central areas of cities helps to reduce of transport and. Therefore reduce peollution.

So now you know, if you are concerned about the environment and climate change, and you have a strong commitment to sustainability, don’t think twice and become a coliver. The planet will thank you for it.

Coliving offers a much greener way of life 🌍.

Work and entertainment spaces

In addition to providing you with privacy when studying or working, coliving flats also have shared spaces for leisure and socialising with the rest of the tenants in the flat.

The common areas available depend on each flat, but, in general, they all have a lounge with TV, kitchen and living room. You can find some with a gym, but obviously the price is much higher.

In Cotown we have everything you need, but if you want to know what spaces we have, please contact us.

You don’t know it, but we’re waiting for you (and no, we’re not a cult or anything like that😅).

Ideal for digital nomads Are you one of those people who like to work and travel all the time? You’re in luck. Coliving is the ideal option for you.

Cotown’s coliving flats are perfectly equipped so that you can work from home with all the comforts you need. And when we say nothing, we mean nothing. We mean it.

If you want to be a digital nomad in Spain, but you don’t know which are the steps you have to follow, go to this post on “How to be a digital nomad in Spain” where we tell you all the details.

Is coliving a good option to take into account?

From Cotown we know that it is a model of flat sharing that is here to stay, both for its many advantages for tenants and for society as a whole, without forgetting, of course, the environment. That is why we offer the best coliving flats in Barcelona and Valencia and, very soon, also in Bilbao.

Don’t waste any more time. Become a coliver. Become a Cotowner.