Av Madrid 110.


Living at the epicenter of connectivity? Av Madrid 110 is where it’s at! We’ve got kickass apartments located just a perfect 10 minutes from Sants.

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    Welcome to Av Madrid 110, where living in the heart of connectivity is totally rad! Located in Les Corts, with amazing apartments just a stone’s throw away from Sants.

    Imagine going to the movies without even leaving your home, and the best part? It won’t cost you a dime… Yeah, that’s right, only here! The building has awesome common areas where you can chill, gossip, socialize, and hey, if you have time… even get some work done. We’ve got a leisure zone, a study and work zone, and the coolest of them all, a cinema room!

    The decoration is simply mind-blowing, the layout is on a whole new level, and guess what? Privacy and sharing can coexist harmoniously.

    Feel like the luckiest person in town by experiencing coliving in the most connected area of Barcelona.


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