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If you have gotten to this point, it is because you are dying to find out who is behind this project. Well, yes, we are Cotown, a very enthusiastic team with wacky ideas who are ready to set new trends, because – what good is it to follow the trends?  100% of our energy is devoted to making you feel like an authentic “happy camper”; the star of a Netflix film with a great flat in the centre of a very cool city.

OK, but, what is Cotown? It is a custom-tailored project for all those who decide to study or work in cities like Barcelona or Valencia and want a living space where they will not miss home, because it will be like home. We are not fond of labels, and we do not discriminate based on age or academic status. A young professional or a student, that doesn’t matter: what is important for being a good Cotowner is wanting to enjoy new experiences as if tomorrow will never come.

And so, we introduce to you the crew that is behind making this entire world possible. Let’s get started!

Vanesa Esteban


Mother of Dragons. Calls the shots.

She likes:

  • Skating
  • Sketching faces
  • The contagious laughter of Enrique

She hates:

  • When the Excel sheet says there is an error
  • Mr. Wonderful
  • That people take her favourite mug (which is hers alone)
Vanesa CEO
Vanesa Esteban

Victoria Garos

Chief Marketing Officer

Makes things look nice. Spends the day on Instagram.

She likes:

  • Talking up a storm
  • Writing
  • Drama

She hates:

  • ASMR
  • Films where a dog dies
  • Pere’s bad jokes

Maria Català

Social Media

The Pablo Picasso of Photoshop.

She likes:

  • Designing. She uses Canva like it’s no big deal.
  • Platform shoes (Yep, short girls’ stuff)
  • All kinds of music, she can listen to Estopa and Quevedo at the same time.

She hates:

  • Fake people
  • Strawberries
  • Morning trains.

Carolina Scagliarini

Chief Commercial Officer

Sells like wildfire. Has a love-hate relationship with Excel.

She likes:

  • Sports
  • Picnics in Parc del Turó
  • Cats

She hates:

  • When people drink her almond milk
  • Yerba mate (she’s from Argentina)
  • Not sleeping enough

Aelin Paz

B2B Manager

She invented the phrase “fully booked”. Legend tells that she sold a comb to a monk.

She likes:

  • Frida Khalo
  • Heels
  • Eating well (and VERY WELL INDEED)

She hates:

  • People who are unfair, like when they jump the queue at the supermarket
  • Lies
  • People who think that we are living in a constant apocalypse

Carolina Caparrós

B2C Manager

The booking whisperer. Is more organised than Marie Kondo.

She likes:

  • Getting her exercise
  • Talking about intermittent fasting
  • Drinking a glass of water now and then with Vanesa and Victoria

She hates:

  • When people are unfair
  • When people hate her
  • Running into the scooter

Mónica Almenar

City Manager – Valencia

She is more Valencian than the Fallera Mayor and the Mercadona. She does not colonise, she monicanises.

She likes:

  • Music on vinyl records (what is commonly called “being a hipster”)
  • Dreaming about winning Masterchef
  • When the day comes to go to Barcelona to see her coworkers

She hates:

  • Bad education (in real life, not the film by that name)
  • Pollution
  • Her husband’s untidiness

Arleen Díaz

Booking department

She has the world’s most beautiful eyebrows. Even the haters like her.

She likes:

  • “Perrear” with Bad Bunny
  • Reading, even the instructions for IKEA’s products
  • She’s more gossipy than a lady from a small town

She hates:

  • Waiting when she buys clothes from SHEIN
  • Spanish potato omelet without onion
  • Complainers

Cati Moscovciuc

Booking Department

Is more adorable than a kitten video. She knows their residents better than their respective mothers.

She likes:

  • Drown her sorrows by shopping
  • Take a walk at night
  • Winning at board games (yes, she’s the one who runs the bank in Monopoly)

She hates:

  • Let them occupy the bathroom in the morning
  • Omelette with onions
  • Feeling unproductive (i.e., slacking off)

Enrique de Alba

Chief Operations Officer

The man who is always smiling. He is easy-going and cracks lots of jokes.

He likes:

  • Chatting with his co-workers
  • A nice, hot cup of coffee, freshly brewed
  • Laughing himself to death with the others (or without them)

He hates:

  • Finding the keys on the table… (I am not singling ANYONE out)
  • A botched job
  • Arriving late to lunch with his co-workers

Pere Falces

Housing Coordinator

Managers arrivals and departures better than an air traffic controller. He is the son-in-law that every mother-in-law would like to have.

He likes:

  • Sports (if there is a ball involved)
  • Fine dining (the expensive kind)
  • Cracking bad jokes

He hates:

  • When the Barça loses
  • The cold
  • Making coffee in the morning for Victoria

Judith Garoña

Housing Coordinator

She is more Basque than La Txapela. She is an expert in not leaving any loose ends.

She likes:

  • Getting lost in unusual places in the van
  • Reading a little bit every day (she’s interested in “coolture”)
  • Having made very good friends at work

She hates:

  • Working in stressful conditions (Who doesn’t?)
  • People telling her how to live her life
  • That they make her tell them 3 things that she hates

Cristina Gallardo

Chief Administrative Officer

Not a single cent changes place without her knowing about it. An extremely nice person.

She likes:

  • Spartacus, the film. (Naughty giirl…)
  • Queen 
  • Entender cuadros que nadie entiende

She hates:

  • When she has to go after her coworkers asking for the bills
  • Not feeling like doing anything
  • The absence of a sense of humour

Jorge Fracés

Accounts payable & receivable

He is the tenant that every landlord would like to have. If you give him a calculator, he’ll tell you how much your boss earns.

He likes:

  • Fine ham
  • Racket sports
  • When the server crashes

He hates:

  • When the sales department confirms a new portal
  • Travelling by bus
  • Having to think of the things that he hates


Brand Ambassador

Always arrives late to the office. Had an affair with Minnie Mouse in 1995.

He likes:

  • Dating with Tinder
  • Being in his underwear
  • Hiding the computer from Vanesa

He hates:

  • The Tuesday meetings
  • Taking pets to the vet
  • Horses for riding (They are class-biased, with closed circles)


We create lucky citizens. Yes, those typical Netflix movie protagonists with a big apartment in the center of a very cool city.

Becoming independent is not easy, especially when combined with a university degree, bachelor’s or master’s degree. Facilitating this process is our specialty.

The perfect place to experience community, campus and student life. A very 360 brand with a very good vibe.

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