Once you have taken a look online at our website and see that we are very cool, you must fill in your personal data in the “booking” section, and you will receive real information on the rooms available. Once your booking request has been validated, you will receive information on the payments to be made and you will have 48 hours to make them. During this time, the room that you have selected will be reserved for you. You will also have access to the internal area where you will be able to fill in all the data that we need to make you an authentic Cotowner. If you are having a bad day or just like to prattle on and you need to speak with someone, you can also contact our booking department at the email: book@cotown.com

To complete the booking, you must pay the amount of the security deposit

Rent per room:

  • Barcelona: €650 for a double room and €900 for an individual room + €375 in contract fees.
  • Valencia: €700 for an individual room + €350 in contract fees.

Rent complete flat:

  • Barcelona: €490 + €60 per room.

The security deposit will be returned at the end of your stay if there are no damages caused by misuse of the facilities in your flat and if you have sent us one box of chocolates each week to our office (that’s a joke). Once we receive this payment, you will become a happy camper with your reservation confirmed.

It would be a pity, but you can cancel your booking until two months before your arrival date. You will lose the amount paid as contract fees (Cotallo eats 5 times a day, and this is not cheap). We will return the security deposit by wire transfer to the account that you designate. Remember, you must pay any bank commissions for the transfer. Cancellations less than two months in advance entail the forfeiture of 100% of the amount paid.

  • You can pay with credit card
  • You can set up an automatic direct debit

Our friends at Revolut are doing a great job. Now you can set up a bank account in only 5 minutes.



Our apartments are fully equipped. After all, you will be in your own home. The rooms have comforter, pillow and, as you will have been informed by the booking team, your own new set of bed linen and towels (included in the booking fee) that you will have to take with you at the end of your stay. The kitchens are also fully equipped (we were advised by Masterchef). The kitchens are also equipped with many details (the people at Masterchef advised us).

In short, if you bring a full suitcase it is because you want to.

PS: you can also bring a deck of UNO. At the office, we love to play this card game.

We offer you several alternatives, like Paris Hilton:

  1. We can pick you up at the airport, take you to your dream flat and hand over the keys.
  2. You can hire someone to wait for you at the door of the flat (Lady Gaga, Rosalía and Bad Bunny are not available), go with you to the flat and explain to you whatever you need to know about how things work.
  3. If you prefer to go on your own, you can pick up the keys at our offices. We will offer you a cup of coffee and a chat.

You can hire someone to wait for you at the door of the flat (Lady Gaga, Rosalía and Bad Bunny are not available), go with you to the flat and explain to you whatever you need to know about how things work.

*Before you arrive, you will receive an email with all available options so that you can choose among them.

The same day that you sign the rental contract and have a cup of coffee with us, you must pay the current month. If you arrive between the 1st and the 15th of the month, you will have to pay the entire month. If you arrive after the 15th, you only have to pay half the month. The months of January and September are always paid in their entirety, regardless of the day of your arrival.

Occasionally it can happen you are not able to travel on the date planned, whether it be for personal reasons, because you have forgotten to buy the ticket or due to delays with visas. In this case, if you want to keep your reservation, you must pay the rent. Otherwise the company reserves the right to cancel your booking, and this would be worse than not buying the ticket (sniff sniff).


It is very simple. In order to pay the monthly rent for your “happy camper” flat, you will receive a link in your email between the 1st and the 5th of each month so that you can pay with your credit card. If you have chosen to pay by automatic direct debit, then all you have to do is check your bank account and see that you are a little bit poorer.

Don’t forget that you can also pay through your private area. We have a hand in everything.

So that you all get along well together in the flat and everything finishes off with pizza and a film, we have come up with some internal rules that you are required to obey. You can consult them here.

Well, your flatmates will be sad but if once you are in your Cotown city you decide to switch to a different flat, you will have to pay the contract fees again. This does not apply if it is Cotown who proposes the change due to exceptional circumstances.

Yes, but they can’t stay overnight (we know that everyone want to be a Cotowner). To avoid bothering the rest of your flatmates and having to get out of bed the next day with shaving cream on your face, your visitors must not remain in the flat later than 10 p.m. At any rate, you should always consult your flatmates before inviting friends or family members to your shared flat.

Our maintenance department will take care of resolving incidents in a reasonable period of time. If the breakdown is due to improper use of the facilities, then the Cotowner must pay the repair costs.

Since we dismissed Mary Poppins, Cotown will take care of the regular cleaning of your apartment. Remember that Cotowners are responsible for keeping the flat organised and the kitchen and utensils clean. You will also have to do the wash, as well as washing sheets and towels, and so you will have a washer and dryer at your service at no additional cost. Remember that you could ruin your Tinder date if you mix coloured clothes with white clothes.


First of all, a dinner with the people from the office (of course, all-inclusive and don’t forget to invite Cotallo). Secondly, bring us a platter of ham and a fine wine. Lastly, you only need to leave the keys on the table in your room.

If for any reason you have to abandon your flat before your rental contract ends, you will forfeit your security deposit. In exceptional cases, if you give at least two months’ advance notice, you will only pay a penalty of €230 (and the rate difference between a longer rental and a shorter rental, when applicable). We will deduct this amount from your security deposit and arrange a wire transfer with the difference.

Your security deposit will be returned within 21 days after your departure, after verifying that there are no damages and that Cotallo has not spent it at the horse races. It will be returned by wire transfer.