3 ways to work in Barcelona as a foreigner

We are not surprised of your interest to work and live in Barcelona. This city is not only a real Marvel, also, was chosen by the British newspaper The Telegraph  as the best place to travel, and who we are us to contradict them. (Nor do we want to: we couldn’t agree more).

The Catalan capital can offer endless opportunities for people looking for a lifestyle that includes a little flat by the sea, a mojito – or a beer – on a terrace and a stroll through the old town. Now, the crux of the matter is to make the perfect plan to find a job and a residence that will allow you to fulfil this little dream.

To smooth the way and give a sweet taste to your beginnings in Barcelona, we tell you 3 ways to get a job being a foreigner (or not), so you can become a Cotowner in less time than you can order a “pa amb tomàquet”.

Ah, you’re still here, let’s read!

3 work options in Barcelona

At some point we’ve all suffered an existential crisis that has pushed us to change our lives, our jobs and even meet new friends, and if you haven’t seen yourself in this situation yet, we’re telling you that it’s coming.

Be that as it may, Barcelona is THE city of new beginnings, so find a place to write down or prepare your “copy-paste”, because we have a lot to tell you.

Temporary works

One of the best options in short-term to take

One of the best short-term options for taking your first steps in Barcelona are temporary jobs, especially in summer or during the summer and holiday periods.

It’s a reality: Barcelona is a super-touristy city and many locals in the hospitality sector are looking for people to work during these months of the year. So if you decide to do it, you will be able to live the Catalan summer, practicing countless languages, meeting people from all over the world, and putting your feet up like the best.

We encourage you to take a look at these types of offers before you arrive in the city on job portals such as Infojobs and Indeed, so you can enjoy your new home from the first minute

Work as a freelance

Is working from the beach a good option for you? Or maybe you prefer a little terrace on the Ramblas? Then it’s time for you to pack your bags and start freelancing. In one of our posts we explain you all the key points to become the best freelancer in the world, so now you know: start reading and don’t get lazy, we don’t want to hear you complaining about “the office and I don’t know what and I don’t know how much more”.

Working online

If you want to be modern and make your friends envious, you can also choose the option of looking for a job where you can telecommute from wherever you want. This way you can live not only in Barcelona: you can spend a few months in Barcelona, a few months in Valencia and why not… Wherever you feel like it?

What to bear in mind if you are a foreigner?

Now that you know how and where you should look for a job in Barcelona, if you are a foreigner there are a few things you need to bear in mind:

UE Citizens

If you are a citizen of an EU country, working in Spain will be a piece of cake. In fact, it is very simple. Especially if you plan to work for less than 3 months, as you won’t even need to apply for any kind of document.

Even so, in case you fall in love with the streets of Barcelona (which we know is going to happen) and you want to stay longer than those first 90 days, the first step to take is to apply for your NIE and resident’s certificate. For that you will need to check your financial funds, your health insurance and, last but not least, your Cotowner address.

Now, in case you want to register as a freelancer in order to work as a freelancer in Spain, you will need to complete one more step: you will need to register as a freelancer with the tax authorities.

Citizens from other countries

If you are not a European citizen and you would like to start working for a national company, you will need a work visa that you must apply for before arriving in Spain. In other words, if you want to live the “Spanish dream”, we advise you to get down to work and start looking for jobs in Barcelona right now through the online platforms that we have presented to you throughout this post.

Another option you can consider is working online for a foreign company. Yes, in Barcelona, but for a company in your country with a “freelance visa” or a non-profit temporary residence permit.

All you have to do is look into it! The options are endless and the only thing left are excuses.

We don’t know which path you will finally choose to embark on your adventure in Barcelona, but we do know for sure that it is the best place and that we will always be here to answer any questions you may have along the way. In addition, we inform you that in Cotown you can live in a great flat (located in the best areas of the city) without worrying about anything and without any kind of ties or permanence.

Shall we talk about your dream?

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