Where to live in Valencia?

That Valencia is a place that everyone loves for its parties, beaches and good weather is nothing new. For many it is the ideal city to live in because of the quality of life it offers its inhabitants, but why choose Valencia? What is the best area to live in and what options are there to make the most of your stay in this city?  

We tell you all about it and offer you the solution so you can move to the beach today if you want to! 

 Why to live in Valencia? 

The city is not loved by everyone for no reason, its popularity is due to both its natural scenery and the atmosphere of its streets, and you’re sure to find that it’s the perfect city for you! 

The weather 

Can you imagine living with sunshine almost every day of the year? In Valencia you can go to the beach whenever you want and make the most of the Mediterranean climate: even in the winter months you’ll still be able to wear your most summery outfits. Forget about carrying an umbrella in your bag and save that space for your best sunglasses. 

The cost of living 

Living somewhere amazing and saving money? Compared to other Western European cities, Valencia has a low cost of living, which attracts students and young workers looking for a place with quality of life and affordability. 

The culture 

Valencia is known for its traditional parties and cultural and leisure offerings. The most famous of these, and not to be missed when you live there, is Las Fallas, which takes place in March. 

The nature 

If you like sport and watching the sunset at the end of the day, Valencia is for you. Known for its parks, the natural landscape makes Valencia the healthiest city in the world to live in – who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this? 

 The economy 

How about starting your digital nomad life right now? Valencia is one of the best cities in the world for Digital Nomads, either for its quality of life or for its economic growth, the city stands out for being the city of choice among those who telecommute and in Cotown our flats are designed exactly for them, with all the amenities for remote work. 


Who hasn’t heard of the famous Valencian paella?  This star dish of Valencia is loved by everyone. The secret is to get away from the tourist restaurants and get closer to the more traditional paella. Don’t know which ones? Don’t worry! When you become a Cotowner we’ll give you a hand so you can discover the best 100% local spots. 


As well as having good local public transport that connects the different areas of the city by Metro, bus, suburban train and bikes, Valencia also has very good transport connections with other cities in Spain and Europe, so you’ll be able to travel as much as you want and wherever you want! 

 Where to live in Valencia? 

Now that you’re ready to finish reading this post and pack your bags, it’s important to know: where is the best place to live in Valencia?  

At Cotown, we looked for a place that could unite all the requirements that someone moving to Valencia needs, and the good news is that we found it! And even better: you can live in it.  

That home is in Albors, a neighbourhood that you can access from anywhere in the city by metro or bus without any worries, as well as visiting the City of Sciences whenever you want and enjoying the Gulliver Park.   

If this post has convinced you that Valencia is the perfect city to start a new stage, do not hesitate to contact us, see you soon! 

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