The step-by-step guide to study at the University of Barcelona

Do you want to come to study in Barcelona, but you’re a bit lost between the variety of options and the damn bureaucracy? At Cotown we want to help you, so we have prepared this post for you to get off to a good start in university Barcelona and live the experience to the fullest.   

In addition to the good atmosphere, the friends and the multitude of plans you can make, you should always take into account the quality of the studies in Barcelona. The University of Barcelona (UB) is among the 200 most prestigious universities in the world.  

Studying in Barcelona can be an incredible opportunity for your future, so pay attention to this article. Let’s get started! 

What can you study at the Universitat de Barcelona? 

As with any university, at the Universitat de Barcelona you have different options for official bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, as well as the university’s own master’s degrees.  In other words, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your interests. 


¡¡¡¡¡73!!!!!! Yes, yes, you read that right. At the UB there are a total of 73 different degrees divided into different areas:   

  • Social sciences  
  • Health and health  
  • Experimental sciences and chemical industry  
  • Humanities  
  • Hospitality, tourism and catering  
  • Economics and business administration  
  • Languages, philology, translation and interpreting  

If you’re a nerd, they also offer the possibility of taking double degrees, so you can obtain two degrees at the same time – a bargain! But we’ll leave that to the nerds. 

Here is the complete list of UB bachelor’s degree courses.   

University Master’s Degrees 

If the number of degrees seems like a lot to you, wait until we tell you about the university master’s degrees you can study at the University of Barcelona… are you ready? Well… 150!   

And as we suppose it’s difficult to decide between such a wide variety, here’s the websie with a complete list of the UB’s official master’s degrees. 

 Own Master’s Degrees 

Another option that can help you improve your CV at the best university in the country are the UB’s master’s degrees and postgraduate courses. In this case, the UB offers an infinite number of options that make it impossible for you not to find one that catches your attention. So now you know, take a look at the page and choose the one you like the most for your professional life.   

How to enroll at the University of Barcelona? 

The enrollment process can be complicated, but it is really very simple. Here are the steps: 

Admission and pre-enrollment at the UB:  

  • You must have passed the baccalaureate and the university entrance exams. You can also access the UB with a higher-level vocational training course.  
  • Depending on the degree, you must take a personal aptitude test.   
  • Pass the cut-off mark or, as we say, pass the hunger games.   
  1. Enroll at the UB:

  • You have to enroll at the centre that corresponds to you, depending on the course to which you were admitted.   
  • Attend the training sessions to find out all the details. Necessary documentation, dates, how the centre works… and various other information.    

And… Let’s study! 

How can I study at the UB if I am a foreigner?    

How can I study at the UB if I am a foreigner?  

If you are a foreigner and you want to study at the UB, you can obviously access all the degree courses on offer. The only thing you need to bear in mind is the procedure you need to follow depending on your situation:  

  • You have not started university studies  
  • You have started university studies but have not finished them.  
  • You have finished your university studies  

Barcelona is waiting for you, so don’t take too long to come. In Cotown we offer you the best coliving options to make your university stage amazing and to meet a lot of people.  

Don’t think about it any longer!  

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