¿How to rent a room in Valencia as a student?

We don’t know if you are going to start a degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate, a cycle or if you are going to do any other course, but if you are going to study in Valencia, you are going to have to look for a flat. So you’ll be at that moment when a thousand questions come to your mind: where do I start looking, where can I live, who am I going to live with? And a billion other questions that not even the best fortune tellers would be able to answer. Well, first of all: reeeelax, let’s take it one step at a time!

So that everything goes smoothly, and you have everything ready and tied up even before your arrival, we explain all the details (step by step) of the process of renting a room in Valencia as a student. 

What to consider when choosing a room?

Yes, we know that renting a flat as a student only for the 9 months of the school year is not easy. Real estate agencies tend to ask for documents that you didn’t even know existed, as an excuse to increase that period and, even so, they find reasons to deny you the rent, but don’t despair: you don’t need to accept a s**t flat in any remote part of the city, because it seems to be the last option. There are always other ways out, and at Cotown we’re all about lateral thinking and turning the tables to make life smile on you.

The location

If you really want to make the most of your stay in this city and not spend hours and precious savings on urban (and not so urban) transport, you need to choose an area that connects you to everything and allows you to combine studying with breaks in an environment that you enjoy.

Our advice is to opt for areas that are well connected to the different metro and bus lines, and at the same time are quiet enough to concentrate during exam time, have easy access to the beaches, the center and everything else you can use to distract you.

As lovers of Valencia, we recommend the Albors neighbourhood. A place where you will be able to access any point of the city, both by metro and bus, and where you will be within walking distance of the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Habitability and tools

If you come to Valencia to study, surely when you go back to visit your friends and family you will want to fill your suitcase with souvenirs for them, and that will not be possible if you have to carry the kitchen utensils and all those little things necessary to (as mum would say) make a life. Indeed, we’re talking about things like sheets, towels, pans, pots and pans?

For this reason, it is important that, when looking for and choosing a residence hall, you take this fact into account and, although it is not necessary that it has all the extras that exist in this world, it does have at least the minimum essentials.


Do you remember that at the beginning of this post we told you not to despair? Well, we repeat it once again: don’t get overwhelmed and don’t let the owners see that you are desperate. They are like wolves, they smell fear. Noooo, just kidding. This last one is a joke, but it is true that some landlords will try to take advantage of your desperation to charge you more for the flat.

That is why it is very important that you look for trustworthy companies, with easy and accessible payment methods for you.


Coming to Valencia and not taking advantage of the beaches would be sacrilege, but don’t forget to study a little bit too, eh? For that you need a comfortable and suitable space, which allows you to concentrate and combine your summer trips to the beach with your strategically planned plan to get an A in everything.

Weeeeell, we’re already seeing you again making a drama, aren’t we wrong?

As we told you before, the good thing is that the stress can pass in less time than it takes to send a Whatsapp, because in Cotown we have a super cool space with a loyalty plan adapted to your stay, so you can make the most of your stay in Valencia.

Yes, just as you read it. You will be able to live in a room in the heart of the city, with all the peace and quiet you need: fully equipped kitchens and rooms, easy payment facilities (even if you don’t have a Spanish bank account) and a team waiting to meet you.

COME ON! Call us, and we will prepare your stay in Valencia as soon as possible.

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