Live in Barcelona: the best areas of the city

When people say that United States is the land of opportunities, is because is a little bit more unknown. So, if you want to save few miles and have decided to move to Barcelona, welcome to your new home! Whether to study, work or live a new experience, this is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to make their dreams come true.  

Now you’ve taken the first step, the most complicated part remains: ¿Where to live in Barcelona?  

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that choice so that your experience in Barcelona is wonderful in every way. In this post we’ll tell you which are the best areas to live in and, as a gift, we’ll show you a few great apartments that will help you make the most of it.  

Let’s get to it! 

¿Which are the best areas to live in Barcelona? 

Festivals, beaches and gastronomy… for one reason or another, Barcelona fascinates those who visit it, but to really enjoy it, it is very important that the location of your residence is the right one. That’s why Cotown’s main objective is that you can have a quiet life and, at the same time, be close to all the wonders that this city can offer you.   

With this in mind, we propose a list of the 4 best areas for you to make this lifestyle your reality:  

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi 

If you’re one of those people who likes to “pose” and your thing is to go in search of the best places to take a selfie, you won’t be short of places to have a drink or an instagrammable Gin and Tonic. In this neighbourhood you’ll also find numerous green spaces and touches of Gaudí architecture so you won’t forget you’re in Barcelona.   

We’re ready to welcome you to the area and introduce you to the best bars!   

Pd. We have the top flat and the jewel of the crown of Cotown at Balmes street. 


Have you ever thought about living close to the Sagrada Familia and playing the guiri whenever you want? In Eixample you can visit this emblematic monument of Barcelona whenever you want while making the most of one of the most modernist neighbourhoods in the city.   

OK, it’s clear that it’s obvious that we like the area, but if it’s a great place, we’ll just say it and that’s that. If what you are reading is catching your attention, let us tell you that we have 3 flat options that will make you enjoy to the fullest what could be your new home. 

 Ciutat Vella 

If you want to live the historic Barcelona, this is the place for you!   

Ciutat Vella is the oldest district of Barcelona. A unique neighbourhood that offers you the perfect combination of amazing coffee shops to start the morning, restaurants with typical food, multicultural atmosphere and the proximity to the beach.   

Now you’re thinking that because it’s the oldest district of the city, you won’t be able to live in a modern flat. WRONG. At Cotown we refurbish the properties and rooms, completely reforming them so that you can live in the place of your dreams, with all possible comfort, even if they are located in an emblematic, pedestrian and yes, old (but charming) place.  

Doesn’t sound so bad, eh? 


The neighbourhood where everyone from Barcelona wants to live, as it is in part a small village in the middle of the city. The place is a mix of tranquillity and authenticity where you’ll find great restaurants and bistros with the best gastronomic options (especially Catalan).   

And if you like a good night out, this is the neighbourhood with the best parties and the best atmosphere! And yes, you’ll also find a four-storey big house waiting for you, with a terrace to enjoy the hot summer afternoons and a cinema to watch your favourite film or take the best naps of your f*cking life. 

How do you see it? Which of these areas do you want to live in? In Cotown we will be happy to help you choose the room and the neighbourhood that best suits you and your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we promise we’ll do it full time! 

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