How to move around Barcelona?

¡Hey Cotowner!

Welcome to Barcelona and Cotown. If you are here it is because you need to know how to visit Barcelona and discover all its places. Barcelona is so beautiful and has soooo many places to visit, that getting to know it on foot is a bit complicated. But you’ll definitely save yourself the gym.

The best way to move around Barcelona is to have a well located flat, something that we already have in Cotown as we have our flats located in the best areas of Barcelona. We think of everything 😉.

In this post we tell you about the main public transport in Barcelona and how to get the corresponding tickets and cards, to get rid of the mess you have mounted in your head.

Don’t leave and read on!

What is the best way to get around Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Spain, generating some 5 million trips per day. No, we are not exaggerating. 5 million trips per day! Crazy, we know.

If you don’t want to stand in unbearable traffic queues, waste your time and stress yourself out, don’t even think of taking your personal car to get around the city, let alone the city centre. Seriously, when you’re desperate because you don’t have time to get somewhere, it’s not because we didn’t warn you.

Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain with the best transport networks: metro, bus, train, tram, railway and even cableway. Why not?🤣

The most commonly used forms of public transport are the metro and the bus. We know that the maps can be a bit confusing, especially if you have just arrived in the city and everything is quite new to you. Let’s not kid ourselves, the first time anyone looks at a map of metro lines, full of colourful arrows going back and forth, criss-crossing each other, they don’t understand anything.

If you find yourself in this situation, talk to us and we will help you choose the best transport and line to reach your destination.

You get used to everything (traffic too 😂).

How does public transport work in Barcelona?

All public transport in Barcelona works with the same ticket: metro, bus, train and night bus. This is very cool, because you avoid having a collection of tickets and cards, as if they were stickers.

You have the option of taking the single ticket, but honestly, it is the least worthwhile unless you are going to use the transport only occasionally, and it is also the most expensive at 2.40€. Another much better option is the T-Casual card, with which you can make several journeys. It’s a great deal.

barcelona subway

The Barcelona Card is one of the favourite options, it includes ALL public transport and, in addition, hundreds of free tickets and discounts. Is the Barcelona Card the eighth wonder? Maybe not so much, but it’s definitely great.

But definitely, if you’re only interested in transport, the one that works best for Cotowners is the Hola Barcelona card. It allows you unlimited travel once you validate it and costs from €17 to €38, depending on the time of day you choose. It’s very cheap considering you can get around the city at all times and you only have to remember to renew it monthly.

Comfortable and inexpensive, just like life in Cotown.

Hey, we forgot. There is currently a system of free train tickets and discounts of up to 30% on multi-transport tickets. It is due to end in December, but it is likely to be renewed due to its huge success, so don’t miss out on your discount!

We have told you about the options that we believe are most suitable for you, but on this website, you can find out about the variety of possibilities that exist.

How do the zones work in Barcelona?

The pass you use must include the zones you want to travel through, up to a maximum of 6. To clarify this issue a little you can consult the zones map, so you will know how many zones you need to go from your place of origin to the destination you want. Keep in mind that in Cotown we will always be zone 1 😀.

¿How much costs the public transport in BCN?

Compared to other major cities, Barcelona’s public transport is cheap. It ranges from €2 for a single ticket to €60 for the Barcelona Card.

Not bad, is it?

How does the T10 card work?

Easy and simple.

Keep this: 10 journeys for €7.75 (zone 1). The price changes for each zone. Here you have information about the prices depending on the zones.

t10 barcelona card

If you still have any doubts, find it impossible to decipher the maps and, in short, don’t know what to do, ask us. In Cotown we are here to help you and offer you the best stay possible, so don’t be shy and talk to us without any problem.

We might even go on a tour with the whole Cotown crew.


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