How to be a digital nomad in Spain?

How’s it going, Cotowner? Bored of working cloistered in the 4 stippled walls of your office? We assure you that you are not the only one. Nowadays teleworking is an option that many people are considering, and it makes perfect sense. If you make the typical pros and cons list, the pros column is sure to win easily.   

Think about it, the advantages of teleworking are endless. Being able to work at your own pace, without a schedule that oppresses you, to reconcile work and family life, to get to know the world and people from different cultures… all without leaving aside your work obligations. Is it cool or not? 

And let’s face it, gotelé is really ugly and seeing it every day depresses anyone. 😂

Read on and become a digital nomad!  

What does it mean to be a digital nomad?  

To put it very simply, being a digital nomad means working and travelling anywhere in the world at the same time. Quite a good deal, isn’t it? You know it is. We’d all like to have more freedom and be able to get out of our comfort zone, get some fresh air and experience new adventures. 

You are dying of cold in winter and you hate it? So you go to another country where it’s summer; you get bored of being in the same place for soooo long? Geographical flexibility is a great advantage of teleworking; do you miss being able to REALLY reconcile work and family life? Being a digital nomad you might even feel like you spend too much time with your family 😉. 

Your time and your life are your own and no one else’s. Live your own way and with whomever you want.   

WARNING: With the Cotowner family we promise you will never get bored. 

Types of digital nomads 

I’m sure you’re wondering, can I be a digital nomad with my job? Don’t worry, at Cotown we are the light you need to illuminate your way. It sounds like we’re crazy, but we’re not. Well, maybe a little bit, but only a little bit.    

Anyway, we are going to tell you about the types of jobs that allow you to work and travel at the same time: 


Depending on the sector you work in, if you are a freelancer, being a nomad is a great option for you. If your work can be done online or you can send the results of your work by email, you’re in luck to become the digital nomad in you.   


Income. INCOME! We all love to see how the bank account goes up, even if the money doesn’t bring happiness (no, it doesn’t). You can think about the idea of starting up an infoproduct on a subject or hobby that you are passionate about.   

And now you will say, what is an infoproduct? Well, it is a product that is not physical and therefore can be distributed over the Internet without costing you money. In addition, we must tell you that a Cotowner achieves everything it sets out to do, that is, it will do well and you will generate income without spending anything.   

Think about it, you travel the world while your business grows and generates money. Another level.   


The idea of becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur can be scary. After all, the uncertainty of this type of work is something that many people don’t dare to do. If you are one of these people, don’t worry, teleworking is here to stay and nowadays it is very common for many companies to hire a team to work remotely, without the need to be in an office following a schedule.   

As you can see, being a digital nomad is a revolution that allows you to earn a salary every month while you travel.   

What is a digital nomad visa? 

“Digital nomad visa”. It’s a funny name, actually.   

The digital nomad visa is the document you need if you are a remote worker or freelancer, who intends to spend long stays abroad, leaving aside the limitations of tourist visas.   

Once you got your visa to be able to work as a digital nomad in Spain, the next step is to find the perfect accommodation to live the whole experience. It may seem like a hassle, but that’s what we’re here for. If you decide to live in Barcelona or Valencia while you telework, Cotown has coliving flats at your disposal located in the best places of the city and where you will meet people from all over the world.   

Don’t be annoyed anymore searching in rental portals and contact us. 

When will the digital nomad visa be available? 

The “Startup Law” has not yet been passed in Parlament. We hope that our dear politicians will pass it as soon as possible. It is said and rumoured that, at the latest, it will be passed by the end of this year.   

Let’s keep our fingers crossed 🙏.  

There is still not much information on how the nomad visa application process will work. But do note that you should apply within the first 30 days of your arrival in Spain. Most likely the process will be done online in order to speed up the process and receive the visa as soon as possible.   

Keep an eye on Cotown’s Instagram to make sure you don’t miss any important information about the digital nomad visa. 

How long can I stay in Spain with this visa? 

In Spain you can stay for one year with the digital nomad visa. Buuuut from Cotown we bring you the almond trick that will surely make your day. If you are in Spain and you don’t want to leave at the end of the first year, you have the possibility to renew the permit for two more years as long as you comply with the necessary requirements, and you can renew it as many times as you want! 

What are the requirements for applying for a digital nomad visa in Spain? 

The damn bureaucracy gets on everyone’s nerves, but you have to go through this process. We are going to help you with the essential requirements so that you don’t forget the most important ones:  

  • Proof that you are a remote worker for a foreign company (i.e. your employment contract). 
  • Accreditation as a qualified professional: Have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, a certificate from a business school, etc. 
  • At least three years of work experience. 
  • Obtain 80% of your income working for non-Spanish companies. 

In addition, remember that, in order to apply for the visa, you must fill in the application form, make the corresponding payment and attach the bank certificate with the income for the last quarter. 

What is the perfect workspace for a digital nomad? 

COWORKING. This is the word you needed, COWORKING!!! 

Let’s be honest, I’m sure that after reading this post you were thinking about working from the beach while sunbathing or from your favourite coffee shop. The idea is not bad, but if you want to be productive, we recommend you to go for Coworking or Cotown flats.   

If you like to move from place to place, get tired of a city quickly or simply want to live as much as possible, setting up your own office doesn’t seem like a very good idea, and if you don’t want to be at home all day, coworking is the perfect option for you. These spaces are fully equipped, as well as being cheaper than renting your own place.   

On the other hand, we understand that you don’t feel like spending money on a place to work and you love living in the peace and quiet of your own room. You’re in luck. Cotown offers you the possibility to work from home. Our flats are fully equipped and you will have all the necessary comforts so that working is not an ordeal for you. Recognise that this is a great opportunity that will also allow you to save money or, at least, spend it on your hobbies.   

You know, being a digital nomad is the future, so don’t think twice. We are available in Barcelona, Valencia and, soon, in more cities. 

Remember that in Cotown we are at your disposal for whatever you need. You just have to knock on the door.   


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