Community fees for renters: What do I need to know?

Dear Cotowner, if you’re reading this it’s because you’re concerned, or at least curious, about how community fees work for renters. And it’s no surprise. I think we all remember how tense things got at the community meetings at Desengaño 21 when money was on the agenda. Can you imagine having Paloma Cuesta as your neighbour? Help!

Well, living in a shared building means there are always community fees. When you own the flat, it’s clear you have to open shell out when the time comes. But what if you’re renting? Who has to cover these expenses? Huh? HUH?

Relax, we’ll explain how it works ;)

What are and aren’t community fees?

Community fees are just the amount the owner of each flat pays periodically to maintain the building. They include things like power and water, common areas and central heating. They don’t include things like the barbecue the neighbour on the fifth floor threw for his daughter’s birthday or a retirement gift for the neighbour on the third floor.

In addition to the set fees, there are also derramas. These are one-off expenses to do important works on the building that require a bigger budget. Any homeowner’s nightmare.

 Who pays the community fees for a rental flat?

Well, generally speaking, the owner covers the community fees. Buuuuuutt, that isn’t always the case. The law also allows them to pass these expenses on to the renter. Yup. You read that right. But only in the following circumstances:

  • If you, as the renter, are going to have to pay the community fees, it has to be clearly stated in the contract you signed or are going to sign. If the owner wants you to cover the community fees, you’ll have to break out your best negotiation skills to avoid it.
  • But that on its own isn’t enough. The amount you’ll have to pay over the course of the year has to be established in the contract. Otherwise, how will you know how much you’ll be paying? Crystal clear and in writing.

The one-off fees aren’t normally passed on to renters, though. These can be for things like painting the façade or installing a new lift, and in most cases they’re paid by the owner. So, sorry but you can’t choose a new colour for the landing .

Rent without community fees: COTOWN!

Okay now, let’s be honest. What sets us apart isn’t that we don’t pass along the community fees. It’s that we create homes so, wherever you go, you’ll feel lucky to be living in an amazing flat in an incredible part of one of the best cities. Plus, you’ll have Netflix, PlayStation, discounts and loads more. Seriously, what we offer is the bomb.

But, on top of all that, you won’t have to pay any community fees. You do you, worry about your stuff. We’ll take care of the community and make sure you want for nothing. Check out our locations and request information with no obligation. We help you find the accommodations that best fit your needs and budget so you can take all your flow wherever you want.

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