Coliving: what is?

Coliving, coliving, coliving… I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times on TV or on the internet, but what is coliving? Cotown is coliving. It’s a new way of accessing housing that allows you to meet people from all over the world, in a flat fully equipped to do your digital work and networking

I’m sure you’re thinking something along the lines of, “a traditional shared flat”. Well, no my friend, but don’t worry, in this post we are going to clear up all your doubts so that you can open your mind.

Come on, don’t be lazy and read on!

What should you consider when choosing a coliving?

Living in a coliving gives you the opportunity to live in the most spectacular cities without spending a penny trying. We’re not going to deny that renting a flat in certain cities in Spain can be a real mess, which is what makes coliving so valuable and important for today’s millennials. 

how coliving spaces work in spain

Why choose one over the other? Well, we’ll tell you that this depends on the tastes of each person. Do you prefer a coliving in the city centre or not so central? The cheapest possible or money is not a problem for you? Do you want to have all possible services included or don’t you care?… The coliving gives you many possibilities, you just have to look for the one that best suits you and become a coliver.  

Take a look at the possibilities we offer you from Cotown in Barcelona, Valencia and, soon, in Bilbao.

You’ll be blown!

Which are the advantages of coliving?

Many, many, many, too many! The advantages of coliving are countless. 

Meet new people from all over the world? GOT IT! 🌎 Convenient to work with good internet connection? DONE! 🖥️ Perfect flat at a good price to work and have a good time? 😲 All this with a good location? OH YES! 👏

(bomb icon) PUMMMM! 💣 Coming up with a serving of coliving Cotown for you.

What has a coliving?

Everything. It has EVERYTHING.  And really, we’re not just telling you this to sell you a lie. In addition to your own room with your private bathroom, as we have already told you, you have common rooms to share with the rest of the people in your flat. The price also includes a cleaning service, so you’ll have to forget about the broom and mop, a maintenance service if necessary and the internet connection that is so necessary for freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs. Some coliving also includes sports facilities. A complete package.

How does coliving work in Spain?

Coliving in Spain took off in 2021 with Madrid and Barcelona as the leading cities, but today there are many cities that have fully adapted coliving spaces such as Valencia, Bilbao or Seville, among others.

Coliving in Barcelona

Are you interested in coming to Barcelona for coliving? In Cotown we have several perfect flats for you in the best areas of the city, with very top people with whom you can live many experiences, and also very quiet. Barcelona is a great option to consider.

coliving in barcelona by cotown

Coliving in Valencia

What about Valencia? What about trying coliving in Valencia? What a beautiful city it is and how good it is to eat there. A TOTAL Cotowner city. Keep it in mind when deciding where to go to develop your digital work. We promise that if you come to Valencia, you won’t want to leave.

coliving in valencia by cotown

Coliving in Bilbao

¡¡¡¡¡GOOD NEEEEWS!!!!!

We are going to make our debut in Bilbao! We are very excited to tell you that in 2023 we will have a coliving space as perfect or better than the rest of the coliving Cotowner. We will keep you informed about the next news so that you can evaluate this city as a possible coliving.


coliving in bilbao by cotown

How much does it cost to live in a coliving?

The price of coliving depends on many variables. In Cotown you can find very different prices, depending on the characteristics you want to get.

In the case of Barcelona we have cheaper flats from 600€ to some more exclusive ones that can reach up to 2.000€. In Valencia the prices of our flats are between 300 and 450€.

Is it cool or not? You know it is.

Do not hesitate and contact us to inform you about all the possibilities we can offer you. We assure you that it is a good choice and that you will not regret it.


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