Best places to make a picnic in Barcelona

Shall we go on a picnic? The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying days in the countryside with good company and your favourite snack. The charm of autumn can make this plan something very special. Don’t you believe us? 

Think about it, the autumn breeze, the company, which can be with your partner, your colleagues, your dog or you alone, sometimes being with ourselves is not bad at all, the typical wicker basket with your favourite food and, of course, the chequered tablecloth. It has to be a checkered tablecloth, otherwise the photo doesn’t look so chic. 😆 


However you do it, it’s a great plan, and as we at Cotown know it, we’ve decided to make a list of the coolest places in Barcelona to have a picnic.  

 Let’s do it! 

Ciutadella Park 

La Ciutadella. Known by all and sundry.   

No matter which weekend you go, you’ll find lots of people, tourists or locals, enjoying the large green areas and the many activities on offer. It is common to see families and children running around everywhere. But don’t get annoyed, if you’re the kind of person who likes peace and quiet, you can always stroll around the park in search of your idyllic spot.  

 There are, we promise. Lay down your blanket, sit back, and enjoy the day. 

Cervantes Park 

At one of the ends of Avenida Diagonal you’ll find the beautiful Cervantes Park. You’ll be fascinated by the amount of trees and greenery you’ll come across. And roses. Lots of roses. Some 11,000 rose bushes make up this park.   

It has a pine grove with tables and benches to welcome you and to make you have the best picnic of your life. Maybe the “best picnic of your life” is too much, but it’s going to be great, it’s going to be great.   

So now you know, if you want to enjoy the perfect atmosphere, surrounded by nature and with the smell of flowers to see life in a rosy colour, this is the place for you (yes, we’ve gone too cheesy 🤪). 

Búnkers del Carmel 

At the top of Turó de la Peira you have this SPECTACULAR viewpoint with the city of Barcelona at your feet. The views of the Búnkers del Carmel are out of this world.   

There you’ll find a great variety of people, many of them with their guitars, which give it the key touch that makes the viewpoint so special. You’ll certainly have a great time and, who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to take your instrument and give a recital to the rest 🎸.   


 We also recommend that you don’t be lazy and get up early one day to see the sunrise from there. You won’t regret it. Of course, don’t forget to take a thermos of coffee and some good croissants fresh from the oven. The perfect combo to start the day. 

Laberinto de Horta 

El Laberint d´Horta is a quieter place compared to the others mentioned above. The entrance fee is around €2, but if you go on Sundays it’s free.  

It’s the perfect place to rest and have a few laughs inside the labyrinth when you’ve been inside for too long and don’t know how to get out. 

Beaches with picnic areas in Barcelona 

For those autumn days when the weather is nice, a picnic on the beach can be the ideal option. Just make sure that the beach you’re going to is allowed, though. Just in case, here is a selection of a few beaches where you can plant your chequered tablecloth near the sea without any problem. 

Bogatell Beach 

Located in Poblenou neighbourhood. 

Barceloneta Park 

Barceloneta is the most central beach in Barcelona. There is a park with full views of the sea where you have shady areas perfect for relaxing and enjoying yourself. 

Barbacoa Europa (Gavà/Castelldefels) 

If you feel like getting together with several people, the Europa barbecue is the place for you. Here you have a large area with tables and barbecues for a fun day out. What’s more, Castelldefels beach is just a 2-minute walk away, in case you fancy a dip in the autumn, which is perfect for your circulation 😉.   

What do you think? The Cotown team thinks it’s a different and very cool plan, perfect to isolate yourself from your studies or your work and from the long hours glued to the computer. Sometimes it is very necessary to separate yourself from the screen and, if not, just tell it to your tired eyes and your headache.   

 At Cotown we are here for whatever you need. If you want information about us or any of these places and how to get to them by public transport, we’ll be happy to help you, Cotowner friend. Whatever you want, whenever you want.  

 Make it easy. Make it coliving. Make it Cotown. 


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