2023 lifestyle trends

Yes, we are here to talk about the ✨ lifestyle trends of 2023 ✨ 

 And yes, we see you coming: it’s February and you’ve already forgotten half of your resolutions (the same ones you’ve been making since 2005) and you don’t want to hear anything about how promising this new year is going to be.   

 Now, we are Cotown: the modern people who want to encourage you to fulfil your dreams, to motivate you to do what you thought was a great plan in December and to cross your resolutions off that little piece of paper once and for all 📝.  

 Get comfortable! We bring you the lifestyle trends of 2023 so you can start the month with a boost. 

4 Lifestyle trends for 2023 

2023 will be the first post-pandemic year in which we truly live without restrictions (it seems like a thousand years ago that “Pandemic”, don’t you think?) and that will surely be reflected in a change of life for many people.   

 It’s your chance to join the unstoppable advance of new technologies and ways of relating in the personal and work environment. OK, we already live them between 2019 and 2022, but this time we have the chance to leave home and do it without any worries.   

 That’s why we present 4 trends that can inspire you to get out of the inertia of the sofa in which you are stuck:  

Air, air, air 

Don’t lie to us: you’ve never valued having a little terrace in your flat as much as you did during the quarantine period, and the truth is, you weren’t the only one. This year the trend is towards a greenery style, close to natural landscapes and the great outdoors 🌳 The best thing is that to have this you don’t have to go and live in the middle of the mountains.   

 Big cities are adapting to this new need and investing in parks, outdoor activities and everything you need to enjoy a “green” life, while having a few drinks in a crowded neighbourhood. 

Sustainability is cool 

Baking bread, shopping in local shops close to home and becoming a plant parent were the kind of things that happened in almost every home in the world in the last few years. The truth is that we are starting to value a more sustainable lifestyle and it is something we should maintain. That’s why during 2023 we are going to see a lot more second-hand shops for clothes, housewares, books and everything else you can imagine.  

Work from wherever you want 

“Teleworking” was the most used word during the last 3 years and the trend is that companies continue to bet more and more on this model and that means… 


The rise of the digital nomad.   

So if you want the freedom to explore the world and work from anywhere, 2023 is ✨ your ✨ time ✨.  

New work formats give you the financial stability you need, along with a more flexible life, where you can venture out to discover the culture, cuisine and languages of different parts of the world. Now you just have to make up your mind: what’s your next destination? 

Meet people from around the world 

Working remotely is great, but it’s true that spending every day like this also brings with it a certain loneliness (and we don’t want you to become a Grinch all year round). So, in line with the idea of being a digital nomad, there’s the need to meet people more easily.   

That’s why 2023 is also marked by the trend of coliving flats (ahem 🙄 like the Cotown flats). In colivings you can live in community, share common spaces with people from all over the world and the best thing: you can use them to work on your own or share ideas with other professionals who will also be there with you.  

Being a Cotowner 

Yes, indeed. We’ve saved the best for last: if you become a Cotowner you can have these 4 insights into this new lifestyle at the same time.   

 Do you like the idea? Well, we’ll tell you more: you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air in our big flats with terrace, be sustainable in pure #FeelingLocal style and get to know all the shops in your new neighbourhood. In other words, you’ll be a digital nomad like those you see on Instagram, you’ll live with the best mates in the world and the most important thing: your stress levels won’t be affected as we’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork to turn you into a true co-towner. 😎    

 If you are not afraid of success, we are waiting for you!  



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